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RINF special guests and contributions.

Global Banks Have Become A Mafia Criminal Enterprise

Global Banks Have Become A Mafia Criminal Enterprise http://www.daftblogger.com/global-banks-have-become-an-enterprise-criminal-mafia/ http://www.911forum.org.uk/board/viewtopic.php?p=167535#167535 By former Metropolitan Police Detective Rowan Bosworth-Davies In August 2012, I wrote a response to a British Parliamentary Commission public request for evidence concerning the state of the British Banking ...

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Lucky Irish Superstitions

Last month’s St. Patrick’s Daygot Gala Casino looking into lucky Irish superstitions.‘The Luck of the Irish’ is something that Gala were curious about and they have lookedinto exactly what this famous phrase means? St Patrick’s Day was brought around by ...

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LAPD vs. Photographers

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When photographer Shawn Nee began taking photos around Los Angeles, he never thought that his camera would get him in trouble with police. Nee has been shooting the sights of Los Angeles for years, but he has also been repeatedly ...

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Transhumanism Made Easy: Introducing ‘Smart Skin’

21st Century Wire says… According to the Rational Wiki: “Transhumanism, broadly speaking, is a futurist movement with a set of beliefs with a common theme of anticipating an evolutionary plateau beyond the current Homo sapiens. The general expectation is that in the near future greater ...

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Google disables Press TV Youtube account

Google has prevented Press TV from accessing its Youtube page since Thursday, causing a large number of viewers and subscribers to contact the channel to find out what has happened. “We have not been able to upload any new videos ...

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Top tips for saving money online


A stumbling economy, with savings, income and salaries, people are struggling hard to overcome the inflation rate. Due to the condition of the Economy toll is regularly increasing on the pocket of the common man. Every individual is confused as ...

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What is Lifestyle Design?


The term “Lifestyle Design” has been tossed around a lot lately. But what is it? More importantly, what can it do for you? A little history The term “Lifestyle Design” was coined by Timothy Ferriss in his bestselling book “The ...

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Used tires becoming an increasingly popular (yet risky) alternative in struggling economy.

With nearly 10% of Americans currently unemployed, households are trying to cut spending in every aspect of life. One main area in which costs are being lowered is transportation. Hybrid and electric vehicles have seen record sales in the past few years with gas prices fluctuating wildly and Americans trying to squeeze every mile possible out of a gallon of gas. For those that simply can't afford a new vehicle, however, an interesting solution has emerged: used tires.

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The M3 System – New Kid on the Block When it Comes to Getting Your Ex Back

Relationship coach Michael Griswold released a new video based information product, "The M3 Breakup Solution System" this month that teaches his clients in step by step fashion how to get an ex back after breaking up. Mr. Griswold has been giving private phone consultations for clients for the past eighteen months on relationship building strategies, after investing thousands of dollars and time into his own personal development and seminars to better understand relationships, hard wired psychological triggers and what to do when confronted with a painful breakup.

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The Case for Natural Sleep Aids – Taking Prescription Sleep Meds Increases Risk of Death by 36% – Canadian Researcher

If you’re an insomnia sufferer, you know that there are few things worse than not being able to sleep regularly. It’s no wonder that so many turn to prescription sleep solutions such as Ambien, Lunesta and Rozerem for help. Given the fact that there are many risks inherent in taking prescription sleep and anxiety medications, especially over the long term, isn’t it worth your time to explore alternative sleep aids?

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Relief In Sight For Back Pain Sufferers

by Erin Bryers HOUSTON, TX, Sept. 6, 2010 – Back pain sufferers now have a new online resource to refer to for anything related to back pain. Back Pain Relief a Houston based company, has launched a brand new website ...

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Is the High Waist Girdle Obsolete?

"High waist girdle" is an outdated word that conjures up images of your grandmother's lingerie drawer. The wide-spread use of a high waist girdle harkens back to a day when skirts were actually long enough to hide the constricting garments, and the idea of a bare midriff was reserved for the wedding night.

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The Internet Marketing / SEO Monopoly

Recent updates to the Google search engine now allow brands to dominate the search results pages (SERPs) with a single website. Brands like Apple, Sony, Dell, and HP can now control the majority of the front page, allowing for an ...

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Why is it so hard to lose a belly fat?

by Jeremy Imperi When you look at the reasons why people, especially women, struggle immensely to lose weight and belly fat, you will find that many could trace it back to physiology. If you tend to gain weight in certain ...

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Traffic Wizard Offers Suite of Online Solutions for Online Marketers

s, announces that its new suite of web traffic, email and search solutions is available. This new suite of solutions is designed to empower vendors to optimize management of their online web customer traffic and marketing presence. Traffic Wizard seeks to give the customer greater direct control over management of their online prospect and customer interactions.

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Compare Rush Passport Renewal Services and Choose with Confidence

Among all the passport services that are expedited, one of the most frequently requested is passport renewals. Oftentimes, expediting the process becomes a necessity because the passport holder did not notice that the passport had expired or was near the expiration date until preparing for an international trip whose departure date is quickly drawing near. In such a case, rush passport renewal service is required. The question is, “Which expediting service should be used?”

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Blackwater Fined $42 Million for Hundreds of Violations

by Mick Meaney Private security firm Blackwater, now called Xe Services, has been fined $42 Million dollars for hundreds of violations of U.S. export control regulations that include illegal weapons export to Afghanistan, providing sniper training for Taiwanese police officers ...

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Council Using Mobile CCTV To Watch Motorists

Big Brother Watch, a civil liberties campaign group, have highlighted a Bedford Council plan to ‘snoop’ on motorists and collect ‘vast amounts of data about law-abiding people’. A CCTV camera will be mounted on a Bedford Borough Council fleet vehicle ...

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Does Facebook violate data protection laws?

by Mick Meaney Facebook could be in violation of German data protection laws and if so, could be fined by Hamburg’s Data Protection Authority after complaints from citizens that Facebook has been illegally collecting and passing their contact details to ...

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The West Continues To Ignore Slavery

by Michelle Faud Morning Star Zimbabwe auctioned 900,000 carats of rough diamonds on Wednesday from a diamond field where human rights groups say that soldiers killed 200 people, raped women and enslaved children. It was the first public sale of ...

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Riot police pose as UN

by Mick Meaney Officials in New Delhi have admitted that Rapid Action Force (RAF) in Srinagar wore blue helmets and used shields with the UN insignia while dealing with protesters in Kashmir, during a flag march. “Only a few of ...

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