A Thousand Hits Per Day – New Traffic Tricks?

In today’s ever evolving world there are always new and quick ways to generate amazing website traffic. Many people believe that A LOT of traffic means A LOT of sales, however this isn’t always the case.

The best kind of traffic that you can get to your site is TARGETED traffic. This means that the people that go to your
site are going there because they expected too.

There are quite a few ways to generate traffic, however very little of them are easy to do.

SEO is extremely hard…
PPC requires testing after testing after testing…

So what other methods could you use to generate amazing targeted traffic without killing yourself in the process?

Well here are a few ways:


Giving VALUABLE and great info is always helpful, and as long as you are helpful and provide value to the people
on the forums, they will most likely follow the links you post.

Many people try to go at the forums the wrong way. They just post a few crappy posts here and there, the problem is
you have to give QUALITY content, I can’t stress this enough.

So after giving quality content provide them with a link to your site that has MORE quality content.


Youtube is now the second most searched search engine in the world (also owned by Google :P)

In any case you can take full advantage of this because not everyone realizes that the Youtube videos also show up
in Google.

So simply make a simple video (WITH QUALITY CONTENT) about whatever topic it is that you want to talk about.

However, first search for keywords that people search for in google with the Google Adwords External Keyword Tool.

When you find the perfect keyword make sure that they are in the Title of the video and in the tags… This will get you ranking
for that keyword ON GOOGLE (with a video :)

Don’t be shy to ask the viewers to do something (call to action) like asking them to subscribe, comment, share, or visit your link.

Then submit your video to Tubemogul as well (video submission site)


This is where you go and find a blog that is visited often. and talk (get in contact with the administrator of the blog) and ask him
to post a banner of yours on his blog somewhere (where it will be seen easily) in exchange for something (money perhaps?)

There are many blogs out there that have hundreds if not thousands of views per day. Simply commenting on the blog works too

All you have to do to find blogs is go to WordPress and do a search for your topic. Even blogger works… or maybe Google? (of course).

There are also many many other ways to generate website traffic. Like:

Blog Traffic
Banner Ads (Not PPV (Pay Per View)
Lead Generation
Legally “stealing” Leads from others
and many many more…

Even though the two examples I have given you are extremely efficient and work well (personal experience) I also want to teach you NEW and SNEAKY ways to generate website traffic, that have never been revealed before. This will allow you to get THOUSANDS of visitors to your site(s) (TARGETED VISITORS) simply Click Here To Find Out New Ways On Generating Website Traffic.