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Ferguson Protest Comes To The White House


Sam Levine  A coalition of activists carried 900,000 petitions to the gates of the White House on Thursday afternoon demanding that Attorney General Eric Holder prosecute the white police officer who shot unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Gathering at the north ...

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ISIS Mimics CIA Torture Methods

Anti-torture demonstrators performed a mock waterboarding outside the White House during the Bush years to protest CIA use of the technique. (Photo: flickr)

Sources quoted by the Washinton Post say ISIS “knew exactly how it was done” as it employed brutal techniques also approved by Bush administration Jon Queally The Washington Post reports on Thursday that at least four individuals taken captive by the Islamic State ...

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Ferguson is not just Missouri’s shame


Marcello Rollando Are you tired of 24/7 Ferguson TV yet? Sure you are. That’s the eighth deadly sin: media numbing apathy. Worse, believing Ferguson is just a Missouri shame — Ferguson is serial historical murder incorporated, gone viral. We’ve left ...

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