SEO Internet Marketing Skyrockets

A quick snapshot of a search for ‘SEO’ in Google Trends demonstrates how more and more people are searching for a new way to market their Internet business.

Search Engine Optimization provides a simple solution for website owners to gain traffic, which eventually leads to sales.

Google Trends has shown that demand for SEO has tripled in recent years, including the topic being a frequent search in Google News, again with a steady climb in searches.

With Internet Search Engine Optimization companies reporting a massive 10 fold increase in demand for their SEO services, has this little known technique reached the mainstream? No.

Comparison searches in Google Trends for celebrity names, TV shows and pop artists still produce much larger search volumes, as expected.

However SEO is catching up and looks set to remain that way for a long time to come.

This alone is evidence that Search Engine Optimization techniques work.

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