Small Business Website Challenge – The Best Way To Generate Local Leads?

It was announced by they are about to open their 60-Day Small Business Website Challenge during which they will pick 20 small businesses to introduce them to the new, all-in-one website building and online leads generation service with guaranteed results. Here is what Paul Baranowski and Ciro Colonna, the two guys behind this idea, had to say about the Small Business Website Challenge.

“Our mission is to help as many small businesses as we can leverage the power of the internet to generate targeted local leads and survive in today‘s economy.The main problem for small business owners nowadays is that the old advertising methods, like Yellow Pages, don’t work even nearly as effectively as they used to two to five years ago.

TV is veryexpensive and FM radio stations with decent coverage aren’t cheap either. What‘s the alternative? Internet marketing and online promotional campaigns! But here we’re facing another problem: web design companies and SEO firms offering prices that 46% of small businesses can’t afford. That’s what a survey conducted last year by tells us. So,basically,small business owners find themselves trapped in a situation where they either have to bet their last buck on TV,web design and SEO companies to generate new leads or to content themselves with the little-to-zero effectiveness of paper ads,Yellow Pages and the likes.

Being small business owners ourselves,we thought we should do something to change that unfair situation. So,we came up with anall-in-one solution that will allow any small business to get their website build and promoted to local online leads in record time, and for a price they can afford. We’re going to start our 60-Day Small Business Website Challenge with 20 businesses and we plan to expand it down the road to help as many small businessowners as we can“. For more information about the Challenge, visit