Video game companies want to pay you to become game testers

If you have ever daydreamed about how it might be possible to get paid to play video games, your dream could soon be a reality.

Playing the latest video games such as Ghost Recon: Future Soldier or Rage before they are released isn’t too far away. In fact some of the largest video game companies in the World are now looking for more video game testers than ever before.

In fact it’s becoming big business, last year testers made an average salary of $37,905 and those who stay on more than six years usually see their salary double.

According to industry insiders, both hiring and salaries are increasing.

Companies that make console games need their products to be in tip top shape before releasing to the public. They cannot simply send out a quick patch to fix a major issue with the game as such computer game producers do.

They often don’t allow their own programmers test games because since they programmed the game it makes it harder to find errors in the play. Besides, most of their programmers aren’t true video game players. Companies say they need an outside source looking in to give a new perspective. There are now over 50 companies looking for video game testers.

So how can one tap into such an exclusive job market?

“Well you could contact the companies directly and ask if they are hiring. You probably won’t get the response you are looking for though,” says Philip Howell, who runs a paid video game tester website.

“The best way is to actually ask other full time testers to find out how they got into the market and to get tips and tricks from them on how you can tap into it. Imagine sitting playing a game that no one else in your area has access to and actually getting paid to do so.

“Do a search yourself and try to find a site that is offering access to one of these game testers. They normally don’t mind helping you out for a price but that small price can pay off many times over.”