Glass Repair of Scratched Surfaces Can Be Both Green and Economical

Glass gets scratched. And when it, does it becomes harder to see through and less attractive looking. But whether its the windshield of a classic automobile, the hurricane glass walls of a seaside restaurant or the glass entrance doors of a bank, there is a company that can remove the scratches, repair the glass surfaces and save you money, all the while helping the environment by not tossing glass into a landfill.

Replacing glass panels can be quite expensive with the price of new glass and the cost of removal of the scratched panels and installation of the new glass, whereas fixing the scratches by restoring the glass surfaces can be much cheaper and does not create dumpsters full of shards. A company out of Camarillo, CA can remove scratches from glass whether the result of acid, graffiti, weather or simply fabricating debris left from the glass making process. UnscratchTheSurface uses a patent pending technique that can restore even large surface areas of tempered, double walled glass without leaving distortions. They’ve helped homeowners, corporations, even yacht owners save money while improving the look, and therefore the value, of their property.

Although based in California, UnscratchTheSurface, works across the United States, offering quotes that clients find are often half the price of replacement. They have happy clients from coast to coast whose storefronts or glass shower doors are once again the clear, smooth surfaces they originally purchased. Other scratched glass repair systems are designed either for single isolated scratches or graffiti removal, but none are designed to resurface large areas of glass except for this unique system.

UnscratchTheSurface will evaluate the damage to your glass and quote you a price less than replacement costs to resurface it, saving you money and saving our precious natural resources. Before UnscratchTheSurface created their tools and techniques there was nothing that could be done with many badly damaged glass surfaces that can now be saved and restored to their intended lustre. Why not do something Green and save yourself some money while improving the looks of your business or home. More information and before and after photos can be found at their website,