SEO Internet Marketing Is Changing

As Google recently announced they are to include site speed when deciding on where to place a website in its search rankings, the face of Internet marketing, specifically SEO, is changing for the better.

What does this mean to Internet users? A better and quicker experience.

And for webmasters? The need to clean up and re-SEO their websites for improved performance.

Luckily, there’s several tools available to help webmasters improve the speed of there websites.

The first port of call should be here

Secondly, you should visit this website Google Webmaster Central

And learn how to use it effectively here

For those of you who are getting to grips with SEO, or want to improve your site SEO at an expert level, the most comprehensive SEO video course created to date can be found here

As more businesses and hobby website owners discover the power of SEO, now is the time to learn this ‘dark art’, which in fact is incredibly easy to learn and highly cost efficient.