Resveratrol for A Healthy You?

Resveratrol is a food component commonly found in red wine. Many consider this substance as a natural and superior antioxidant, which is abundant in grape seed extract, peanuts, skin of red grapes, Japanese Knotweed, and some berries. Recent studies showed that cocoa powder and dark chocolate contain significant levels of Resveratrol.

Researches confirmed that Resveratrol is as beneficial as red wine since it is the active ingredient in red wine. The following are benefits of Resveratrol:

Resveratrol decreases the risk of heart diseases by 50% and is found to help protect against cholesterol. Increased Energy — Experiments conducted on laboratory animals showed that those subjected to Resveratrol ran farther than their counterparts. Further testing revealed that the increased energy is due to increased oxygen in the muscle, which activates the energy-producing part of the cell known as the mitochondria.

Effective Antioxidant — Antioxidants produced by the body serve as protection against toxic free radicals. However, aging decreases the production of antioxidants, hence the need to acquire them from the diet. Resveratrol is a superior antioxidant that provides longer and efficient protection against toxic substances.

Anti-aging — Laboratory experiments show increased life span among mice by 33 — 66% when treated with Resveratrol. It also showed that the aging process slowed down significantly among laboratory mice inoculated with the Resveratrol. Further molecular experiments showed that Resveratrol activates the substance Sirtuin 1. It is important to note that Sirtuin 1 is an enzyme responsible for regulating the cell’s various functions and activities.

Anti-cancer — Several studies also shows that Resveratrol can reduce the risks of certain types of cancers like liver cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer. It also limits the progression of prostate cancer when tested on laboratory animals. In general, this substance can interfere with cancer initiation, promotion and progression.

Resveratrol is also available in a topical cream form. This cream is rich in Resveratrol and effective in activating Sirtuin, which is present on the skin. Resveratrol cream helps fight aging by reducing fine lines and maintains a healthy looking skin for a longer period. Research has found that Resveratrol cream is better than products containing Co-Enzyme Q10, a substance currently known to reduce oxidative stress on skin.

Commercially-available Resveratrol cream has additional peptides that enhance the effects of Resveratrol on Sirtuin and the skin. These peptides include Acetyl hexapeptide-3, palmytoyl pentapeptide-4 and sodium hyaluronate. Acetyl hexapeptide-3 reduces wrinkle depth, especially those found on the forehead and eyes. Palmytoyl pentapeptide-4 restores the dermal layer to its natural glow through the development of elastin, new collagen and other substances. Sodium hyaluronate retains water within the skin and keeps it hydrated even during hot and sunny conditions.

With Resveratrol, people can enjoy the full benefits of an anti-aging and anti-cancer cream. It ensures that users feel and look healthier from the inside out. Moreover, Resveratrol food supplements provide the optimum amount of Resveratrol that liters of red wine cannot provide. Resveratrol cream guarantees that consumers have access to the latest and most effective cream that stops and possibly even reverses aging.