‘Minority Report’ Technology On The Way

Microsoft’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Craig Mundie, has stated that ‘Minority Report’ technology is only three years away.

Soon we could see computer technology allow human interaction that can currently only be seen in Hollywood.

“The gains that are now going to come, starting in about 2012, may be potentially as much as a factor of 50 to 100… That begs the question, what are you going to do with it?” said Mundie, who is second in charge of the company, said.

“Everyone who looks at (the technology in action) says ‘wow, this is like Minority Report.’ But theirs was fake and this thing is more or less real. We do have technology that will do these things, not just camera stunts that will make it look like it.

“These things are really going to happen. This 50 or 100 times performance gain gives us for the first time enough compute capability to do these human sensory type of interactions, multiple at a time, and therefore leave behind in many cases the need to use mice and keyboards,” he said.