More Than 5 Million Stored On DNA Database


The UK national DNA database is expanding at an alarming rate and is already five times larger than DNA databases in other European countries.

Many of the profiles contained on the database are of innocents who were later cleared of any crime but their details remained on the database.

The figures were revealed in parliament in response to a question asked by Lord Hanningfield in his role as a Conservative peer at Westminster.

Lord Hanningfield said: “I was a bit surprised at the numbers. As someone who believes in personal freedom, I am a bit worried about this creeping state control.”

In Suffolk alone 52,275 profiles have been added to the database and 140,103 in Essex have also been added.

A spokeswoman for human rights group Liberty said: “Our DNA database is at least five times larger than those of European countries, yet our crime rates are remarkably the same.

“A smaller, more targeted database of serious sexual and violent offenders would cost less to our purses and our privacy.”