Blackwater Fined $42 Million for Hundreds of Violations

by Mick Meaney

Private security firm Blackwater, now called Xe Services, has been fined $42 Million dollars for hundreds of violations of U.S. export control regulations that include illegal weapons export to Afghanistan, providing sniper training for Taiwanese police officers and making unauthorized proposals to train troops in southern Sudan.

The company made a deal with the U.S. state department to pay the fine in order to avoid criminal charges and allow it to continue obtaining government contracts.

The deal does not resolve other legal troubles including the indictment of five former executives on weapons and obstruction charges; a federal investigation into evidence that Blackwater officials sought to bribe Iraqi officials.

In 2007 Blackwater mercenaries killed at least 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad and two former guards have also been charged with murdering two Afghan civilians.

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