SEO Expert Speaks Out Against Rising Costs

Speaking out against the rising cost of SEO for the small business, Dennis Gaskill presents a realistic view of SEO in 2010.

“What a small business or home business owner pays thousands of dollars to an SEO firm to do, the owner could do on his or her own at no cost, or pay an employee to do at a fraction of the cost,” says Dennis Gaskill from the Boogie Jack SEO company.

Mr Gaskill encourages small businesses to learn the basic skills required to run an effective website that is engineered for the search engines.

“Many SEO firms outsource tasks for pennies on the dollar. That’s also an option for a small business or home business owner, effectively cutting out the high-priced middle man. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do.

“On-site SEO requires a little familiarity with HTML. If the small business or home business owner has created their own website, they’ll be able to optimize it for the search engines. If they have a webmaster that takes care of their website, their webmaster will be able to do the optimization. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do, and that’s what my Small Business SEO Course teaches.”

With a refreshing view of this once ‘dark art’ industry, Mr Gaskill is optimistic that anyone can easily learn the skills required without spending thousands on expensive industry professionals.

“Off-site SEO, which is essentially link building, can be accomplished with no technical skills other than typing. Even slow typists can build links,” says Dennis.

As more people become aware of the benefits of SEO and the current financial climate, demand for small business owners to perform in-house SEO will continue to increase.