Tobacco industry will fight anti-smoking proposals


There has been a warning from anti-smoking campaigners that the tobacco industry will try to “delay, dilute and damage” new measures aimed at curbing sales to young people.

ASH Scotland say that tobacco firms would continue to challenge proposed legislation from the Scottish Government, which includes a ban on tobacco displays in shops.

The organisation has launched a campaign to highlight public support for the measures, and is urging members of the public to write to local shops giving their backing for proposals in the Tobacco and Primary Medical Services (Scotland) Bill.

Sheila Duffy, ASH Scotland chief executive, said: “We want to take our message direct to shopkeepers and counter the misinformation from the tobacco industry through our Pride of Place? campaign.

“Shopkeepers need to know that the public support the removal of cigarette promotional displays because it will stop the marketing of tobacco to children and young people.

But she added: “Inevitably however, the tobacco industry will continue to challenge the measures outlined in the Bill and do all it can to delay, dilute and damage the legislation.

“By employing scaremongering and misinformation tactics they have made retailers afraid of this law rather than embracing it as an opportunity to remove a lethal product from display.”

  • kathryn

    So, the "tobacco companies" will try to dilute the crazy laws of anti-smoking and ASH specifically? Interesting. I see that shop owners are not in favor of this latest round of zealotry. Is that because they want to stay shop owners? Who designed the surveys, administered them, then interpreted them? Did the surveys come from ASH, or were they properly taken from a disinterested group with no funding from anti-smokers? Were the questions properly designed with no bias to get a simple yes or no? Did they say, "Do you favor a ban on tobacco displays" or did they read, "Do you favor further restrictions on shop owners to protect 'the children'"? The answers would be very different. If the tobacco industry had framed the question, it might have read, "Do you prefer the taking of liberties from private business to promote a heavily funded political agenda?" Who did ASH survey? Was there a proper mix of smokers and non-smokers, or was it taken amongst ASH supporters? It's time to parade the practices of ASH and anti-smoking right out there for all to view alongside those of Big Tobacco. Do that now before this goes ANY further.

  • Bob

    These smoking bans will probably go down in history as one of the greatest marketing scams ever by using tax exempt political action committees calling themselves "charities". They want to "hurry up and pass the bans" before people find out who is paying the lobbyists pushing for them by using our tax money.

    Here's the beginning of the ban movement in the USA.

    Here are the instructions from Johnson and Johnsons' (makers of cessation products) RWJ Foundation for their tax exempt political action committees. They are getting enough money from the RWJ Foundation, plus using MY tax money. They aren't getting any more money from me.