BBC Pays Google For Internet Marketing


It has been discovered that the BBC have been paying Google to place its website at the top of listings for a series of keywords, as part of its internet marketing plan.

The BBC is using £100 million of its £3.5 billion yearly revenue, from TV license fees, to promote itself.

The Corporation said: “Promoting content like the Mercury Prize online is an effective way to inform the licence fee payers who will want to watch it or read about it. The BBC has an annual budget for marketing and value for money is at the heart of how decisions are made about spending it.”

So how can smaller webmasters and bloggers compete for a high rank in Google without paying for costly adverts?

As regular readers will be aware, I’m an SEO geek so here’s a few ideas, although non webmasters might lose interest around… now:

We all know the importance of using the correct keywords – but many who aim for broader / more general keywords often wonder why their site isn’t doing too well in Google. The trick here is to increase the number of target keywords, maybe move away from the near-impossible two word keyphrase and consider a ‘longtail’ keyword, containing a three or four word keyphrase.

Once your site or blog starts to become more established you can then begin to lose a keyword or two and move towards your original target. An effective method for small businesses is to include your location within the keyword phrase.

That is of course just one thing to consider in your overall SEO strategy, as I’ve said before, there’s at least 60 minor tweaks needed for top rankings, but it is quickly achievable – even if you have zero technical knowledge.