Affordable Web Hosting Services for Businesses and Individuals

by Mark Lu

With the advancements in web hosting field, the new technologies have allowed web hosting providers like ChimeHost to offer lower costs to consumers. Therefore, making it easier for both individuals and businesses owners to start a website.

Benefits of Having an Online Web Site
Having a website online is cheaper and gives you more flexibility than doing printed ads. Your website will give you a longer period of time to be accessed. You can change your own site content without having to have it reprinted. The web site is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to your customers; even during the holidays. A website will let you have the option of having a feedback form. With a website, you have the advantage of building your credibility by letting customers see what you are about. Once this happens, word of mouth gets spread around giving your customer the ability to market by word of mouth.

How to Pick a Web Hosting Provider
When trying to choose a web hosting provider, pricing is a consideration. You do not want to pay for any services you do not need. The things to consider are what you need, how much of it you need and how much it will cost. Will you need a small website or a large mega one? The disk space you need will need to be estimated. Estimate the bandwidth needs. Look for the type of technical support for the site that will be needed when the website goes down. Will you be provided with a domain email address? Find out the type of server your host supports, such as Windows or Linux.

Save Cost by Switching to Affordable Web Hosting Provider
There are a lot of web hosting options. These can range in price from being free to becoming extremely expensive. You get what you pay for so you cannot expect a whole lot of options from a free web hosting provider as you would with one that may charge you $10 or $15 per month. ChimeHost offers affordable web hosting packages ranging from $4.95 – $9.95 per month. Currently, new clients can utilize the special where they can get the “Pro Plus Web Hosting” package at 50% off for lifetime and get 3 months free trial for only $0.01. Furthermore, web hosting tools like autoscript installer, website builder, email management, domain management will help users get their website online in no time.

Using VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting Technology for E-commerce and Mission Critical Apps
A VPS (virtual private server) has its very own operating system, data and applications. A virtual private server is better in helping to maintain reliable up time for mission critical web services. ChimeHost specializes in both Linux and Windows VPS web hosting. Users can choose from different virtualization platforms like Xen, OpenVZ and Hyper-V. Internet reliability is the key to the success of internet businesses and it’s crucial for businesses to make sure their website is online 24/7. is a web hosting provider that specializes in shared web hosting, virtual web hosting and dedicated web hosting. With shared web hosting users are offered advanced tools like site builder, script installer, email, and database to get their website online in no time. Furthermore, with virtual web hosting and dedicated web hosting, clients have more control of their servers and can make sure their e-commerce or business website is accessible 24/7.