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Global Banks Have Become A Mafia Criminal Enterprise

Global Banks Have Become A Mafia Criminal Enterprise http://www.daftblogger.com/global-banks-have-become-an-enterprise-criminal-mafia/ http://www.911forum.org.uk/board/viewtopic.php?p=167535#167535 By former Metropolitan Police Detective Rowan Bosworth-Davies In August 2012, I wrote a response to a British Parliamentary Commission public request for evidence concerning the state of the British Banking ...

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Internet Censorship Increases in Pakistan

There has been increasing evidence of the active role that many governments and states across the world are taking in internet censorship. Over the last few days the Pakistan Government have been facing a dilemma which is affecting many countries. ...

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Anonymous Surfing – No Chance in the UK

If anyone had any vague ideas that what they do online is private then the recently released figures from Google should dispel that myth. Google has released figures based on the following – “Requests from government agencies around the world ...

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‘Minority Report’ Technology On The Way

Microsoft’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Craig Mundie, has stated that ‘Minority Report’ technology is only three years away. Soon we could see computer technology allow human interaction that can currently only be seen in Hollywood. “The gains that are ...

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Our Government’s Dirty Little Secrets

By George Galloway | A Government ready to rely on those friends of liberty, the Democratic Unionist party, to shred the liberties of our own people are almost by definition unembarrassable, but I hope this evening to add to the ...

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