Using a Facebook Fan Page to Expand your Network

If you are a business blogger who’s thinking of using a Facebook fan page to expand your coverage and target audience, there is no point of not doing it now. Always remember that a Facebook fan page is no different from a regular Facebook profile. It is a public page, as well, and it is a good way to organize and increase your blog followers. The page is also a great tool in advertising and spreading out your network as a business owner. Although your blog itself is a good means of generating readers and customers, making a separate fan page will let you to communicate with your target audience in a more personal and direct manner. Blog commenting may be a good way to talk with your followers, but it is not until they reply to your post that you get to communicate with them.

A separate Facebook fan page is a more organized and personal way of connecting to your followers because you will be able to view their Facebook profiles as well. This strengthens your customer-provider relationship.
You can also use the “Update Fans” feature to easily send news and messages to your Facebook fans. Unlike a regular Facebook profile, a fan page sets a venue for your beloved supporters and customers to talk and discuss topics about your business.

Another feature is the News Feed, which helps update every fan on everything you have written on your wall as page administrator. This also serves as an invite to other users, and makes your page more popular and viral.

The greatest thing to consider in putting up a fan page is that you don’t have to spend large amount of money just to enjoy the service. Making a Facebook fan page is free of charge, and will only take few minutes of your time.

Get a fan page and expand your network!