20th December 2014                                                                                                                                                        


Used tires becoming an increasingly popular (yet risky) alternative in struggling economy.

With nearly 10% of Americans currently unemployed, households are trying to cut spending in every aspect of life. One main area in which costs are being lowered is transportation. Hybrid and electric vehicles have seen record sales in the past few years with gas prices fluctuating wildly and Americans trying to squeeze every mile possible out of a gallon of gas. For those that simply can't afford a new vehicle, however, an interesting solution has emerged: used tires.

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The M3 System – New Kid on the Block When it Comes to Getting Your Ex Back

Relationship coach Michael Griswold released a new video based information product, "The M3 Breakup Solution System" this month that teaches his clients in step by step fashion how to get an ex back after breaking up. Mr. Griswold has been giving private phone consultations for clients for the past eighteen months on relationship building strategies, after investing thousands of dollars and time into his own personal development and seminars to better understand relationships, hard wired psychological triggers and what to do when confronted with a painful breakup.

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