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Why Facebook Can’t Resist Mobile Ads


Social media patrons always treat ads as the ultimate evil, forcing major social networking sites to be prudent in running ads. Facebook has managed to run ads without annoying users, but the temptation of increasing mobile ad revenues is now ...

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Facebook Sues Marketing Firm


Facebook has taken legal action against marketing firm Adscend Media for allegedly conducting a form of spam known as clickjacking, which creates ‘likes’ on users pages without their permission. The social media giant claims that millions of Facebook users have been ...

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The Facebook Ads Revolution

by Josh McNair from Plumber Surplus
Whether you admit it or not, social marketing is the wave of the future. People flock to Facebook and Twitter every day to waste countless hours checking their friend’s statuses and playing social games. This is where the people are, and if you are not marketing to them then you are missing out.

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Setting Up a Facebook Fan Page

by Kendall Mesker from Budget Social Media
Setting up a Facebook fan page sounds like a very easy process, however there are many things to consider before you set out to start your own. Many people do not realize that many of the settings you start your page with cannot be changed after you set it up, that means that one mistake, and your marketing efforts until the time you figure out the mistake could go in vain!

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Tips for Utilizing Facebook For Marketing

by Aimee Sway
Facebook has become the hottest social networking site on the web in recent years. Not only does it have the greatest number of users, it has taken over other sites, officially buying out Myspace this month and connecting with second social networking powerhouse Twitter.

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A New Strategy for Facebook Marketing

Guest Post by Matt from Advanced Lifestyle Design | Facebook marketing is critical to the success of many businesses. Do you have a business? If so, how well are you using Facebook to promote your business? This article is about ...

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Facebook Usage Overtakes Google

New data from researchers at comScore Inc shows that web surfers are spending more time on Facebook and less on Google, for the first time. The data shows that people are spending about 9.9 per cent of their total web ...

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