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Is Facebook Advertising Beleaguered or Thriving?

When it comes to digital marketing, the experts tell you to leverage as many online platforms as possible, including search, local search, PPC, social media and social media ads. The big question is whether advertising on social media really works; ...

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What Motivates Your Facebook Fans to Share Your Content?

You know how important it is for your Facebook fans to hit the “share” button, but how can you make them do it? If you understand their motivations for sharing content with their friends, you’ll have a better shot at ...

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Social Media Wars – Is Google+ Beating Facebook?

It’s hard to imagine a world where Facebook isn’t the number one social networking site, but with Google making some crafty moves with their Google+ platform the reality is that Facebook could already be losing the fight to reign supreme. ...

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Facebook vs. Twitter: Pick Your Platform

It seems a little pointless, but it has to be said: social media is nothing short of a revolution when it comes to marketing. Over 60% of adults worldwide use social media and many marketers have reported a noted improvement ...

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Why Facebook Can’t Resist Mobile Ads


Social media patrons always treat ads as the ultimate evil, forcing major social networking sites to be prudent in running ads. Facebook has managed to run ads without annoying users, but the temptation of increasing mobile ad revenues is now ...

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Facebook Sues Marketing Firm


Facebook has taken legal action against marketing firm Adscend Media for allegedly conducting a form of spam known as clickjacking, which creates ‘likes’ on users pages without their permission. The social media giant claims that millions of Facebook users have been ...

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9 Slammin’ Reasons you Need a Custom Facebook App for Your Business

by Veronica Davis
The business world is a constantly changing one that few learn the ropes of and many get burned trying. As any successful business owner can tell you, there are certain things that are the life...

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Using a Facebook Fan Page to Expand your Network

If you are a business blogger who’s thinking of using a Facebook fan page to expand your coverage and target audience, there is no point of not doing it now. Always remember that a Facebook fan page is no different ...

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A Question of Social Media: On Kids and Students

Facebook started in a campus where it first struck the hearts of the jocks and cheerleaders. It continued in other college campuses and continued to flourish there the most. It was not until 2010 when adults learned this, and today, ...

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5 Must-Have Apps for Facebook Business Pages


by Jess Webb
Facebook Page apps are the easiest and quickest way to customize your Facebook Page and add some cool functionality and features to make your Page more interesting and help you stand out...

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