A Question of Social Media: On Kids and Students

Facebook started in a campus where it first struck the hearts of the jocks and cheerleaders. It continued in other college campuses and continued to flourish there the most. It was not until 2010 when adults learned this, and today, the young ones and the students are still the top devotees of this epidemic called Facebook and Twitter.

Social media has many benefits; we can candidly say a hundred good things about it. Social media sites connect people, save time, create relationships, and build solid groups. On the other hand, they also detach people, kill time, ruin relationships, and destroy associations.

Facebook and Twitter have had huge impact on the lives of the youth. I have seen them doing academic works on these sites, collaborating with their classmates, and sending files through it. Just like my kids, they cannot stand a day without logging on to their precious social media accounts. “Not so alarming”, I said, “and it’s all pure academics”. Moreover, it would be moronic and noirish of me to suspect my kids playing modern tricks on me, that they are only pretending to be socially and academically wired to prevent me banning them from their thing. They are hardworking kids who give me acceptable grades, and I see no point to carry on with my conclusion.

Then I found out that I was a real moron. Although they did not play tricks on me by pretending that their laboring on school works on Facebook–for they did school works and tagging pictures at the same time. They are still studying, though- pretty clever.

Social media is one real viral thing. I admit I have accounts here, too. I have accounts on Facebook and Twitter for our online shoe retailing business, and I admit I became aware of these social problems because I myself was a victim. Every time I do business transactions on my social media accounts, I can’t help but check my personal notifications and messages (and even chat with my friends), and I end up finding my job as a clear call to apathy.

My business fell on revenue ratings ever since I became addicted to “tagging” and “liking”. So I decided to sign up for a separate business account.

Getting Back to the Kids

I was so dumbfounded on how my kids managed to get acceptable and above passing average grades with their Facebook accounts open while studying. Upsetting, because I knew they could give themselves higher grades if Facebook was out of the context.

And this social media fad is really alarming. Social media company owners sport it as the “greatest thing that wired the world”, yet we are unaware that without having control over its usage, may ruin our kids’ lives.

Too much Social Media kills physical collaborations, diminishes interaction

During my high school years, we considered group projects as a splendid moment to be out of the house; to get rid of my Mom’s endless household chores instructions and my Dad’s hazardous car cleaning day obligations. Group projects were like miniature field trips, a time to get bonded with pretty classmates while dabbling with our school requirements. And we loved group meetings the way we were mesmerized by learning new things from our classmate’s chaperone–actually a parent available in the area (where we conduct our meetings, usually in places nearest to the campus, or where we can meet halfway, or always, in our richest classmate’s flat)–to watch us.

Well, my kids are different. I seldom hear them asking about night outs for school project. They usually stay at home, ogling their Macs, chatting and incessantly clicking and typing on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. “Sshh…We are studying. Dad, your TV volume please…” they say in a very polite and charming delivery.

Too much social media involves health issues

In addition, I have this recurring habit of imagining my kids growing up like weird introverts like a 70’s TV show character. They are becoming chubbier every day; engrossing on chips and instant meals are their only exercise, and according to them, they are too busy with online discussion to prepare a decent salad.

Social media divides attention

Seeing my kids incessantly pressing Alt+Tab every time a chat dings on the other Window sends me an alarming message that they will not able to focus on their studies with them Facebook and Twitter turned on. I know my kids can do better than their average report card results, and banning them from these two websites might give them more focus on doing their online academic studying.

Social media gives birth to Introversion and Narcissism

According to experts, students who spend more time on Facebook may turn either to an introvert or to a narcissistic person. Because of social media’s capability to alter psychological conditions of people– for there is long-term self-confinement while using it– users may end up selfish and egotistical, or even push themselves away from the crowd. These two extreme behaviors are initial phenomena to having deeper and alarming psychological maladies.

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