Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Twitter Marketing

Latest information on Twitter Marketing techniques, help and tips.

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In today’s world, you cannot downplay the role that social media has on business marketing. Unless, of course, you are content to see your...

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It seems a little pointless, but it has to be said: social media is nothing short of a revolution when it comes to marketing....

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There are 800 million Facebook users and 225 million Twitter accounts worldwide ( Everyone seems to be on the social networking bandwagon. As a...

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Similar to Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn, Twitter is an integral component of any social media marketing campaign. The said microblogging site is simply...

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The Super Bowl, no longer just a major sporting event, but one of the worlds largest advertising and marketing phenomena. Each year advertisers and...

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There are hundreds of thousands of Android apps on the market today. When it comes to choosing the ones that you want, the options...

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A number of studies conducted by eMarketer, PEW and other regional groups have looked into the use of social networks and their trust ratings...

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As most veteran and new website owners will know, social media is a thriving form of advertising that can seriously maximize the amount of...

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We all know that Google recently released an update in their algorithm, and that it will severely be taking into consideration the Freshness of...

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by Alan Grainger
If you're involved in any kind of online marketing, or if you just happen to be aged 14, then the chances are you will have active Facebook profiles, Gmail accounts and you are constantly Tweeting...

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Facebook started in a campus where it first struck the hearts of the jocks and cheerleaders. It continued in other college campuses and continued...

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by Dan Cash
Making a stupid statement or getting into a fight on Twitter or Facebook can be embarrassing and make you look very, very foolish. It can also lose you your job if you...

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by Frank Eybsen
Facebook boasts over 500 million users with 200 million of those users accessing their accounts via their smart phones. Seventy percent of those active users, according to Facebook...

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by Timothy Arends
By definition, home-based businesses do not require a large workforce; in fact, they often consist of a force of one. No matter what size your workforce, however, you will need customers, and...

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by Jessy Troy
Social networking is as much a part of our lives now as any phones or television once were. The ability to keep in touch with people all over the world, meet new friends, keep up with favorite celebrities or be one of the first to know of new entertainment releases has huge benefits.

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Jon Oman
Twitter is not just about micro blogging anymore.  It is also about saving money.   And with a bad economy and many people out of work, any idea that can help save us money is a good idea.  You may not even realize how many different ways you can use this..

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by Dilawer Soomro
Twitter's rise in popularity continues to baffle internet sceptics who confidently predicted that the simple concept of regularly broadcasting "What are you doing?" was too much of a gimmick to remain popular for very long. Dubbed the internet short messaging service (SMS).

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by James Barry
When McDonald’s, arguably the most effective marketer of the past 50 years, thinks that a new marketing tool is effective, other marketers should sit up and take notice. And, in their latest promotion for its new McCafe shakes, the marketing gurus behind the Golden Arches are turning to the power of social media and the potential of social networking.

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by Warner Carter
SEO may be effective at promoting and marketing your business online, but treating this process as the sole tool to your business’ success is a wrong mindset. The problem with many Internet marketers is that they consider their business as an entity that’s purely online. They tend to forget that their online business is an entity that may need traditional marketing methods, too. These businesses need direct promotion and need to be advertised to be known.

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by Mark Collier
For new Tweeters it is sometimes hard to grasp the value of Tweeting both to them and their followers. Deciding how your Twitter account is going to give your followers more value than to simply promote your new content is difficult. Another key point is that you will never get valuable followers without providing value.

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by Claire Jarrett
For human beings, socializing and interacting within a society has been existent throughout the ages. Distance and time constraints were two major factors that restricted such interactions. As an answer to this problem, the emergence of social media sites via the internet and Web has enabled individuals to reach out far...

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by Christoph Puetz
In a recent interview with Danny Sullivan Google, Bing, and other search engines pretty much admitted that they use signals from Twitter, Facebook, and other social websites to determine the importance of a link and content on the Internet. So, as an example a Twitter account of a celebrity with lots of tweets and...

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by Lior Levin
A recent study performed by Reynol Junco at Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania found that students who used the microblogging platform Twitter earned a GPA that was, on average, half a point higher than those who didn’t. The study took a group of 140 students who had not used Twitter previously and had half make use of the service and the other half abstained.

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by Brendan Sherton
Twitter's recent rollout of their "new" Twitter platform was met with yawns by many, but the new Twitter has potential for those looking to enhance their online profiles. In addition to maintaining previous customization features like profile photo spots and varying background design, Twitter now provides a platform for sharing more rich media with customers and potential clients within the Twitter interface.

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by Mark Clayson
These days, Twitter is synonymous not only with communication and sharing but with doing so whilst on the move. If you need a application to make your Twitter experience

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by Brett Duncan
Twitter Lists have completely changed the way I look at conference and conventions I go to. We all like to stroke the benefit of networking

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by Mike Bass
Everyone seems to be talking about Twitter these days, and about what it can do for business. Not only has this hugely popular microblogging site become a viable platform for increasing web traffic.

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Guest Post by Chris Kieff from 1 Good Reason
Twitter’s new advertising programs are now in private Beta testing phase and are closed to all but a select few. However if you are interested in advertising when Twitter opens the programs

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Guest Post by Phyllis Zimbler Miller from Miller Mosaic Power Marketing | Sending out 140-character tweets on Twitter may not seem very powerful –...

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Guest Post by Virginia DeBolt from Web Teacher | Twitter's been capable of making lists for a while now. They are handy for certain...

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Guest Post by Roger Rae from Fortepromo | Twitter, tweets, list of followers and followings are the common words for Tweeples (twitter users). The...

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Microblogging site Twitter, is about to launch a major new upgrade including a new interface that makes it easier to share video and pictures,...

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Tweet, Twit, Twitter? Two years ago if you had said any of those words to most anyone, they would think you would have lost it....