9 Slammin’ Reasons you Need a Custom Facebook App for Your Business

by Veronica Davis

The business world is a constantly changing one that few learn the ropes of and many get burned trying. As any successful business owner can tell you, there are certain things that are the life blood of any business. These specifics are what separate the fly by nights and the long lasting businesses.

One major change that has been going on throughout is the implementation of the internet and a working website. As most owners have chosen to follow in the ways of SEO optimization; some go one step further. To be straight forward, to get ahead in this day and age you’re going to need to do things that set you apart from the rest. One innovative way to get ahead of the competition is to be one of the few with a custom Facebook app.

Slammin’ Reason #1 – Exposure!

One of the best reasons to invest in a custom Facebook app for your company is for exposure. Facebook has steadily increased its user base tenfold from when it first started and there is most likely a huge percentage of that waiting for an app that you could provide. Get your business name out there and become the next big thing to hit the market.

Slammin’ Reason #2 – Increase your Worth!

Custom Facebook Apps can help you brand yourself! Remember when Farmville first came out on Facebook? It became one of the most popular applications on Facebook and also blew up the name Zynga (Farmville Creator). Add value to your business through a custom Facebook app. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant app that costs $25k to build.

Slammin’ Reason #3 – Interact with your Customers!

If your business already has a following, investing in a FB application is still worth it. A Facebook application would allow them to connect with you on a more personal basis whether it is through new updates, new or daily deals, feedback on new products or services. Keep your customers important on Facebook and profits will take care of themselves!

Slammin’ Reason #4 – Out with the Old, In with the new!

For a while now businesses have been making the switch from pure paper publishing to putting themselves all over the net. Once upon a time, comments and the forum experience were getting popular. Get in on a Facebook application before it becomes last year’s thing. The last thing you want is a consumer choosing a competitor because they seem more new school.

Slammin’ Reason #5 – Run Events and Contests Easily!

Provide a reason for customers to check back often as well as constantly think about your business. A FB app would allow you to keep in contact with the participants and send out information to everyone instead of individually. It will save time and a lot of effort.

Slammin’ Reason #6 – Spread your Organizations Mission Statement!

If you’re a charity or a business out for profit, let people know what you wish to accomplish. Spread your company’s ideals and let the public know your businesses personality. Customers want to know who they are going to be paying. Solidify the sale by letting them know you are a real business and someone they can trust.

Slammin’ Reason #7 – Interact with Employees

For the same reason a custom Facebook app would benefit consumers; Help the workforce out with easy access to daily goals, motivational quotes, and just to get more personal with your people.

Slammin’ Reason #8 – Gain Valuable Insight on your Market

A good application could help you identify what your customer base needs. Run monthly surveys of how many downloads you get and who the primary consumers were. This, in turn will help you plan future products and services so that the likelihood of it being successful is more.

Slammin’ reason #9 – Collaborate with Other Businesses

The proper Facebook application can leave your business open to other business owners just like you to contact you. This might stem new business ventures for both parties and could quite possibly bring your business to the next echelon. Networking, networking, networking is a fundamental key to expansion; because sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Try your hand at Facebook apps and gain exposure like you have never seen before for your business. Facebook apps can be listed in the directory once your app has 10 users, where millions of people are browsing each day. Provide something useful or fun that’s related to your business. Offer value, collect a mailing list, share videos or daily random deals… the sky is the limit.

Veronica Davis is an online business consultant helping businesses grow and succeed online. Custom Facebook apps is only one of several ways she recommends that businesses look into. You can learn more at vGal.