Using SEO For Internet Marketing? Facebook Keywords Could Bring In The Hits

For webmasters who depend on SEO marketing for their website traffic, the logical step is to publish reports that contain ‘in demand’ keywords and phrases.

According to Hitwise, the current most popular search phrase in the USA is ‘Facebook’.

In fact Facebook takes 3 places in the search phrase top 10, across all categories.

The keyword ‘facebook’ receives a staggering 2.27% of all US searches, ‘Facebook Login’ receives 0.92% and ‘’ receives 0.24%.

Google reports slightly different results with ‘Facebook Login’ topping the chart with over 55,600,000 monthly searches.

It also reports that Facebook related searches have more than quadrupled in the last 3 years.

However due to the level of competition on popular single keywords, many webmasters opt for optimising web pages for long tail key-phrases.

Which might not be such a bad move considering the latest search figures show long tail keywords receive more than 5 times the amount of traffic over popular single keyword searches.

With over $180 billion dollars being spent each year on Ecommerce and over $35 billion being spent on Internet advertising in the US alone, it makes good business sense for webmasters to cash-in on growing search trends as more than 11% of most companies marketing budgets is being spent online.