The Terrorists within. Intel Community Cyberwarriors attack civilians 1

For the last 5 years, I had the opportunity to open up what was a hidden aspect of today’s Western Civilization and is becoming normal in American life. Many acknowledge what is happening on a topical level but come short of trying to understand the new reality being forced on them.

The temptation to look away from any real-time horror that shocks your senses is understandable.  But it’s only excusable to a small degree for a short amount of time.

So, tell me-

What do you do when fellow US citizens dig through your personal life to provide information for a foreign country’s Intel services about your immediate family? Someone was paying money to have this done.

How far are they willing to go? They went so far as checking my wife’s political contributions from the early 2000s. What do you do when terrorists stalk your family?

You read it right. I’m talking about groups of people stalking your sisters, brothers, husband or wife, and giving the information to a foreign government so it can be used on a hit for hire list (death list).

When you see your wife, sisters, brothers, this is your family, on that death list? Even though they’ve had as much involvement in what I write as you do dear reader, here we are. Would your blood boil? My wife started interviewing politicians and ministers during the 2018 LNR presidential election in November 2018. They started stalking her online.

These spies for hire were digging information on my wife more than 6 months before she was involved with the video journalism project. That distinction doesn’t give the stalkers a window to target anyone. The reality is she was just a line item for them regardless of her involvement in journalism or not. Journalists and their families are a protected class. This act just multiplies criminality.

What would you do when these same private citizens act as military or Intel agents of foreign countries and try to ruin your reputation (reputation management) and take away any means of supporting yourself? What if they laugh about it? Many people are finding out their own countrymen are destroying their lives today for very little pay. Some of the agents volunteer to wreak havoc just for twisted political reasons. For them, it’s like playing a video game. That’s all your life is worth to them.

Let’s liven this up a little, shall we? Imagine your sister contacting you one day and complaining that someone hacked her family’s bank account and stole all their money. The very next day, the foreign Intel service hackers you’ve been writing about for over a year make a point of striking up a pointless conversation with you, just to say hello.

Afterward, you find out the hacking method used on your sister’s bank account is the same the foreign Intel group preferred.  They brag about using it constantly over the last few years.

Topping that off, this particular hacking group is directly tied to a state, private Intel companies, Domestic NGOs and think tanks, a large violent Diaspora, and they also work for domestic politicians, political groups, and NATO. I’ve documented and written about all those connections.

I know. I’m boring you. I get it. Let’s step this up a bit more.

This type of Info-war and Cyber-war has a name. It’s called Cyber terrorism. These people are by the legal definition called Cyber terrorists. People that help them, hire them, work with them, or support them in any fashion including giving them a platform, support Cyber terrorism.

The legal definition of Cyber terrorism is defined the same as terrorism is for bombing civilians. The perpetrators are terrorists. This distinction will be important to the discussion soon. The fact that it’s cyber doesn’t lessen criminality.

Some of the same people that train the NSA, CIA, FBI, ODNI, NATO, Ukraine, Norway, etc, who also write the US and foreign government Cyber and Information policy are among those groups above that put my family members, scores of journalists, everyday citizens, members of social media groups, and other protected categories on death lists, no-fly lists, and blacklists. They’ve ruined countless careers, stolen money, stopped crowdfunding operations, and are creating a perfect storm that is elevating criminals above the victims in all cases. Later in the series, I’ll show why this is happening.

Some of them are people and groups behind the scenes at companies you know about like Cambridge Analytica.

They are hired by Western governments that up until now have winked at their crimes. US Congressmen and Senators hire the people that have been trying to locate me for a couple of years. Maybe I could have been nicer to Clinton?

Reports these same people and groups fabricate make it into the President’s Daily Briefing (PDB). Yes, the same people that have threatened my life and others on countless occasions report to the ODNI and are the basis of the 2016 DNC hacking, Russian influence, RNC hacking, and other non-news items confronting the world today.

Have you ever heard of Propornot? Why are they and their bosses at the Atlantic Council so interested in my demise?

Before going ahead, let’s be clear. They are doing this because I am an investigative journalist that did a series of focused investigations on them. That’s it. That’s all. What I’ve written is what they’re worried about and covered by the 1st Amendment in the US. I write for mostly US-based publications. The only thing criminal about what I’ve done is not using enough expletives describing them.

So, how’s your day going?

But, it’s not just about me. After all that, I can say, I’ll be OK. But you… not so much. In fact, after I show you the proofs of everything I’ve covered so far, you’re going to get the impression that you’re pretty screwed. And you’ll be right. Let me show you what I mean.

Today, the NSA’s budget is larger than the entire Russian military budget. More than 80% goes to unsupervised people that work short contracts and bring the tools of state and secrets into the private sector. Your politics, Facebook likes, etc are line items on their next contract. They get paid to get people fired for fun and profit.

Today, the NSA has the capability to read, store, and react to every internet transaction worldwide. But, the industry wants to hire 1,000,000 (one million) more people as apprentices over the next 5 years. That’s one new Open Source Intel agent for every 300 people in the US. What do you think they’re going to do? Today, these people take revenge on ex’s, sell information overseas, and push their own politics.

The shortage today is domestic surveillance, not international. We’ll be getting into this a bit later in the series. I did use the word screwed right? Unless limits are placed by Congress now, hackers will have the right to steal from your bank account because you liked Toxic Cola instead of Indecent Orange soda.

It’s already happening in principle today. OSINT practitioners will oversaturate the market who get paid to cause you pain so you can expect all kinds of cottage industries popping up.

Another 1,000,000 agents means they will each have time to take a vacation for a few weeks after stomping the entire country’s population into the ground.

This series provides concrete and circumstantial proof that the Unthinkable situation I described in January 2018 is exactly what’s happening to me and at this point countless other people today. Privatized Intel agents float in and out of government oversight and supervision is using tools of the state to harm protected categories of people using illegal means and methods.

In the past, a few of these practitioners have gotten journalists killed through state-sanctioned tools. Today, they are trying to repeat this and hopefully, we’ll stop this while we can. Thankfully, the expediency of that story abated in 2016 for a short while.

The following bullet points highlight most of what will be discussed in detail through the series.

  • The laws defining why I am freely using the terms Cyber terrorism and Cyberterrorists
  • Social Media companies using cyber terrorists to deplete social groups following specific publications, journalists, or personalities
  • Specific cyber terrorists and companies that get paid to destroy social profiles of specific publications, journalists, or personalities
  • We’ll look at the Cyber war turned terrorist companies, and politics. Who’s paying for all this? Why?
  • The curious case of Laura Loomer; it’s a real who-dun-it and it’s time you know and let her know too. Laura Loomer was blacklisted across social media.
  • Social media companies knowingly giving support to cyber terrorist activity. The respective boards of directors need to take Civics 101.
  • We’ll open up the specific reasons this is happening now and where it started.

I would not have bothered to come this far unless there was an answer to push back hard with. There are a couple of remedies at our disposal.

  • Demand that Congress (US) or Parliament make laws that specifically name protected groups as illegal victims for private groups or foreign governments to target.
  • Establish heavy fines or prison terms for cyber-war and info-war practitioners to target civilians. This includes Open Source Intel (OSINT) for practitioners or companies that can legally be labeled as stalkers, those working for foreign governments, or domestic political parties.
  • Governments (Congress) stop F@CKIN hiring the A$$ho1es that are committing crimes against your own people.
  • Make it illegal for either house of Congress to hire Open Source Investigative companies or practitioners. The US has a full set of Intel tools without exposing Intel to people that don’t need to know and giving them undo influence on what passes for Intel today.
  • Bring Intel back in-house, period the end.

Congress will not give up this new Intel candy easily. They simply cannot be trusted to read and won’t look at the poor track record Intel and OSINT have when it is farmed out. Almost every company working in the OSINT field for the US government also works for foreign governments, lobbies, companies, and individuals. They influence Intel to favor their clients. This is all going on at the same time they work for the US government.

The only other Federal legal remedy is by the President forcing the issue through Executive Orders. It’s possible but I won’t hold my breath for that one either.

These issues can be taken up at a state by state level. We’ll leave that discussion to people involved with those politics. There is one other option and I’ll detail it at the end of the series.

This series is over a year in the making. I had to wait for different parties to act, react, brag, research the injured party, and I’m tired. I live in one region that will benefit most from cleaning up this US based toxic cottage industry cesspool once and for all. Let the facts prevail.

There’s a reason I’m garnering the unwanted attention I described at the beginning of this article. If all the major players that be are accounted for, what should you do?  If you pay attention and care enough about your own life, we can all change the world for the better and do it together. But, we can only do this if you care.