Tips for Utilizing Facebook For Marketing

by Aimee Sway

Facebook has become the hottest social networking site on the web in recent years. Not only does it have the greatest number of users, it has taken over other sites, officially buying out Myspace this month and connecting with second social networking powerhouse Twitter. What makes Facebook so unique is that it is more that a personal experience for friends and family. It is also a way of marketing a brand, product, business or service.

The utilization of Facebook fan pages has become a staple of recent viral; marketing tactics. Interactive and with an incredible reach. Facebook is a great way to get in touch with consumers. Not only that, but it is an incredibly affordable way to promote sales, special deals, contests and new products or services. This is something you are seeing more and more often as companies expand to the more personal aspects of the web. They are taking their company directly into the home of current and potential customers in a way never before seen.

But how are they doing this? You may be finding yourself frustrated if you haven’t managed to break into the game and really use Facebook to the best of your ability as a resource. But never fear…there are several tips you can use to help you to create a successful fan page that will boost your marketability.

Use Facebook Quizzes or Applications

A Facebook quiz will pass very quickly through lists, as anyone with a profile will be able to tell you. A person’s results will not only come up on their own page, but on the newsfeed of all of their friends. It is accompanied with an option to allow that person to take the quiz, as well. Testing the knowledge of your fans is a great way to keep what you are marketing firmly in their minds, and then put it in the minds of those who come across it.

A good example of this is the quizzes created by the marketing group Molotov. This digital creations services has made applications that have become incredibly popular on Facebook, such as How Well Do You Know George Lopez? This innovative approach has already proved itself to be well worth the effort and there are a few really fun online testing Facebook apps that may help you run your own quiz.

Interact With Your Fans

Sometimes there is nothing better than direct interaction, and status updates and wall posts are a great way to do that. An update from a popular brand can generate thousands of responses. Something interesting can be posted on another wall by the user clicking ‘Share’, thereby giving added exposure by showing their friends. You can even continue to respond in comments to status messages and posts, making your fans feel as though you are paying attention to what they have to say.

One brand that has come to use a great deal of marketing through direct interaction is Starburst. Not only do they regularly update with promotions, games and links, but they ask for opinions from their fans. Often their updates will have nothing to do with the product, but it generates thousands of responses each time. Now that is interaction.

Show Your Gratitude

You love your fans, right? You appreciate them taking the time to ‘Like’ your page and watch for updates, don’t you? Then why not show them? There is nothing more irritating than joining a page and having nothing but occasional snippets on things they want you to buy. One of the most common reasons people ‘Like’ a brand or company page is to see special deals and coupons. Second, they like to show what things they enjoy. They don’t just want to get updates that do nothing for them that a commercial couldn’t.

Thank them once in awhile. Post special messages from sponsors or mascots, like when the NBA posts videos from former and current all stars. Drop a coupon or secret promotion only for Facebook fans. Offer something special like a contest, or a chance to win a drawing for some free loot. Anything that shows they are more than just nameless faces behind dollar signs.

Be Good to Your Fans

You may be desperate to know the secret of Facebook promotion, but it really comes down to two simple guidelines: make them feel special and keep things interesting. Your fans are your consumers, the people who buy your product. They are single most important marketing tool you have at your disposal, as they have the power to increase your reach through word of mouth. If you make sure they are happy, and you give them something to look at and enjoy, then you will get their business and support.

Facebook is an endless resource towards this goal. Utilize it properly and you could see a major jump in your sales.

This is a guest post by Aimee Sway, blogging for, the premiere business cards company. Follow her on Twitter @PrintExpressUK and like on Facebook!