A New Strategy for Facebook Marketing

Guest Post by Matt from Advanced Lifestyle Design |

Facebook marketing is critical to the success of many businesses. Do you have a business? If so, how well are you using Facebook to promote your business? This article is about using Facebook more effectively using picture tagging to increase brand awareness and sales.

Here’s how it works if you have a service business:

1. Ask your customers if they would like to have their picture taken, take their picture using your product and service, and then upload it to Facebook.

2. Add your customer to Facebook and tag them in the picture that you have taken.

By following this simple strategy, you can:

1. Increase customer loyalty. Your customer may find the experience really fun and feel appreciated because you took the time to take their picture and put it on Facebook. This can lead to higher sales per customer

2. Reach new customers. Friends love the view their friends’ photos on facebook. If their friends see them using your products or services, it is likely to start a conversation about your product and lead to them becoming new customers.

I hope that you will consider using this Facebook marketing strategy to market your business.