Is Selling on eBay Still a Profitable Business Model?

Many people are interested in the opportunity of selling on eBay to make extra money from home. But some folks are wondering whether or not this is still a viable way of making an actual income that can support your family. The truth is that selling on eBay can be a huge moneymaking opportunity if done the right way.

Author Charity Cason explains in her new book “How Moms Are Making Money Selling on eBay: How One Mother Took Other People’s Trash and Turned Them Into Profitable Treasures” the process that she uses to make a full-time income from home on eBay. The ideas presented in her new book might surprise you. For instance, everything she sells has been picked up from a thrift store, estate sale or garage sale. You can see her new book at

Cason explains the process but she goes through when choosing the items, how she does her research to price the items and even exactly how the packaging and shipping is done. She gives away her biggest niche that makes her the most money month after month. She talks about buying things in bulk, separating them out and creating even more profits that way.

According to the author, it is not unusual to make over $2000 extra each month if a person follows her system. She is especially excited to help single and stay-at-home mothers create a fabulous income on eBay so that they can stay home with their children if they so choose. She also has others ideas in her free report at