Public concerned about plans to monitor social networking sites

LONDON – The majority of people interviewed in the latest Brand Republic video are against the government’s plans to monitor social networking sites, claiming it would be an invasion of privacy — watch it now.
The government is considering monitoring social networking sites such as Facebook, Bebo and MySpace to collect data in an attempt to combat online crime and terrorism.

Most of the people interviewed for Brand Republic’s video were concerned about the plans, claiming it was wrong to monitor everyone and an invasion of privacy.

Some people were in favour of the plans arguing that the government should take whatever means necessary to combat terrorism, while others stuck to the middle ground saying that they were not happy about it, but thought it was acceptable if the monitoring was only used to tackle crime.
Under the proposal, social networking sites would be forced to retain information about users’ web-browsing habits.

This data would then be stored by the government on a central database as part of the Intercept Modernisation Programme.

The plans have angered civil liberties groups who claim the move would create excessive snooping on the private lives of law-abiding citizens.