Google Improves Search

Last week Google updated it’s search engine, the update called Google Caffeine, is already improving the search experience for users around the World.

Also reports from the Financial Times have indicated that Google is looking to improve the quality of it’s search results by weeding out content that simply ticks SEO boxes without providng any reader value. If true this could lead to a paradigm shift in how companies handle copywriting to become more reader- over system-oriented.

While unlikely to have much of an impact on mainstream media outlets Google’s move, if successful, could see the quality of searches for niche products improve. This would certainly be a boon to users frustrated by websites reliant onlarge amounts of poor content to maintain search position.

Other businesses would be doing well to take note of the move as the decline of blogging as a business tool continues in favour of more immediate methods of engage like Twitter and Facebook.

“This is a great move by Google,” said Woweb, a UK web design company in Lancashire.

“What this means for the end user is a better search engine that provides more relevant and up to date results. It’s going to limit the amount of search engine trickery by unethical SEO companies, and give search engine users a list of websites that provide quality content that is of value.”