Government Auctions, Police Auctions, and Repos save hundreds off retail

Press Release

Auto auctions find cars that have been given up by their owners for one reason or another and put them up for sale. This is the basic premise of all auto auctions, find one and you’ve got a good chance of getting a great deal. That said, not all auto auctions find the same kind of cars, so you need to know whether you’re dealing with a regular auctions, a government auctions or police auctions.

Government auctions are when cars in the government’s possession are sold off. There’s tendency for people to think that these auto auctions find cars that were once used by criminals, which is true of police auctions. Government auctions, though, consist mostly of two sorts of cars.

The first type of car typically found in government auctions is the repossessed car. These are cars that have been taken by the government for various reasons, usually tax related, which is why you aren’t seeing them in police auctions. The most typical source of these is the IRS, but there are other places where these kinds of auto auctions find cars.

The second type of car found in government auctions is cars that were formerly used by the government. This is actually the best kind of cars that these sorts of auto auctions find, because unlike those found at police auctions, these cars usually have low mileage and very little wear.

Police auctions are a different sort of animal than government auctions, and are what most people are thinking of when they think of cars being auctioned off. These auto auctions find you looking at cars that the police have taken possession of. Unlike the cars you find at government auctions, the cars at police auctions have typically come from criminals who have been arrested, more often than not drug dealers.

Unlike government auctions, police auctions tend to have cars that have a little more wear and tear on them, but these kinds of auto auctions find cars that are much nicer than what you might get in government auctions, so it can be hit or miss. Police auctions tend to have their car go cheaper than government auctions, so if you’re looking for a solid second car, this can be the way to go.

Government auctions and police auctions are not the only kinds of auto auctions. Find any used car lot, and you’ll find someone who goes to wholesale auctions. These auto auctions find cars from all over the place and sell them, primarily to used car lots. These are typically not as cheap as government auctions and police auctions, and they’re not always open to the general publics, but they are great places to find cars.

The problem with government auctions and police auctions is finding them. Actually this is a problem with all auto auctions. Find one and you’re a lucky person. You can usually find them in newspapers and on the news, but probably the best way to find them is online. You might have to travel to get to the government auctions and police auctions, but there’s lots of good deals to make it worthwhile to travel the auto auctions. Find one and get a great deal on a great car.

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