Get more Local Business with Google Local Business listings (Google Places)

By John Pawlett

According to recent research by the Kelsey Group, 97% of consumers who bought goods and services from local businesses first searched on the Internet before they made a purchase.

Apparently one client who has a small used car dealer ship is getting around 250 extra customers a month as a direct result of his placement on Google Local Business Listings, also known as Google Places. This is something that no small business can afford to ignore.

While the opportunity currently exists for small businesses to increase sales, create brand awareness and slash advertising costs, many are not aware of the opportunity or do not realise the benefits.

However, it’s extremely easy to take advantage of.

When somebody searches on the Internet and adds a location into the search, Google will display a map with up to 7 listings of local businesses on the front page above all of the other results, in prime position.

Besides using the listings to just display a company telephone, there is a wealth of other information you can store that can help to create more business. For example many people now search for coupons that could them save money on purchases, Google’s listings also has the facility to generate coupons whenever you have a special promotion ( handy if you have stock you would like to shift quickly).

A real world example; a plumber or electrician having a slow period, perhaps on a Saturday. Creating coupons that give customers money off if they choose a time that suits you rather than them, could prove highly profitable. There are hundreds of different ways to generate more customers using Google’s Listings, it just require a bit of ‘out the box’ thinking.

Some small businesses are having a hard time in the current economical climate so they need all the help they can get, but there are many things that they can do to help themselves, Google’s Local Business Listings is just one.

For more information, including a step by step guide and video’s on how to set up a listing yourself go to or if you would like more help go to