Four join hunger strike in London Tamil protest

By Jake Smith |

Four British Tamils began a new hunger strike on Friday as part of the ongoing demonstration against the Sri Lankan governments’s assault on Tamil areas. The continuous protest in Parliament Square, central London is still going strong after 26 days.

A previous hunger striker, Sivatharsan Sivakumaravel, 20, suspended his fast after five days when it was agreed that he would go to the United Nations in New York to report on the Tamil’s grim situation. However he said he would continue if this hadn’t happened within ten days.

Sivatharsan told Socialist Worker, “We want to know what the British government are going to do to save our people and when. We need food and medical aid to be dropped to civilians in the safety zones, following the Geneva Convention rules”

The protest continues to defy the ban on any unauthorised protest around Parliament while it is in session. Chants continue day and night. Protesters have arranged for food to be provided and every three hours there is a two minute to remember Tamils who have died in Sri Lanka.

Sinthu Siva is a final year student at London Metropolitan University, who is involved in the setting up a Boycott Sri Lanka campaign. He told Socialist Worker, “So far we have targeted Marks and Spencer, because about half their textiles are produced in Sri Lanka”.

Anyone who can should visit the protest in Parliament Square to show solidarity. The protest is continuing around the clock.