Hotels Looking for a Rebound This Summer Due to Weak Euro

Italian tour operators are hoping the weak Euro will give them a higher turnout in tourist numbers this summer. Summer has always been a huge tourist season for Italy, bringing in the large majority of tourism revenue for the year, with only the Christmas and New Year weeks bringing any comparison in traveler numbers. And with the Euro getting weaker against the dollar this year, Italian hoteliers and other Italian business in the tourism business hope this summer sees higher arrivals from the United States and other countries outside of Europe. Indeed, summer arrivals are certainly expected to be better than last year, making the 2010 tourism season in Italy, and in particular Tuscany, a success on the back of last years doldrums following the world economic collapse.

Hotel bookers, in particular, have been emboldened by what they say are positive signs for a rebound. They point to recent encouraging reports for the year as a whole by tourism analysts in Italy and the fact that a weak Euro makes Italy an even more attractive destination, particularly for overseas visitors.

“We are seeing more and more interest in booking affordable luxury hotel rooms for Tuscany this summer,” says Jocko Bold, founder of a Tuscany hotels booking site. “Americans and others from outside of Europe are not holding back in their searches for hotels in this region. We see Tuscany and Italy as a whole increasing hotel accomodation revenues in 2010. We’re pretty confident of these signs as since our database has over 2 million hotel deals, we are able to analyze a lot of hotel booking data.”

While hoteliers in Tuscany can be encouraged by such news, they will surely still need to watch room rates closely, as the economy still lends to budget travel and those who may have booked luxury rooms at high prices in the past may look for better deals in the short term.

“Certainly, we think online users have come to us to find their rooms as we feel we can give them luxury rooms, but at a cheaper rate. We have seen this lately not only with Tuscany Hotels, but with Italian Riviera hotels, as well” continues Bold. “Those hotel owners that get a bit too greedy will probably lose out this season. I see a lean market prevailing but with signs of recovery. Budget hotels and luxury hotels that give special rates will see the bulk of the bookings in the 2010 high season.”

So, to those sightseers looking for a deal this summer, the Italian regions of Tuscany and the Italian Riviera should be top destinations. Hotel rates should be favorable, and a while Italian tourism sees a rebound, it will probably not hit the heights of the last few years before the crash. This leaves more room for those tourists seeking a slightly less crowded Florence or Pisa, this summer.