The Bill Hicks Story – New Documentary Coming Soon

Bill Hicks died in 1994 from pancreatic cancer. He was 32 and comedy has never held as much truth since.

Due for release in mid-May 2010 at picture houses in London, American: The Bill Hicks Story, chronicles the life of cult comedy legend.

American: The Bill Hicks Story premiered at US festival South by Southwest last month and focuses on Hicks’ childhood in Texas, charts his rise to fame and includes of his best comedy moments. The documentary includes also interviews with family and friends.

Directed and produced by British documentary makers Matt Harlock and Paul Thomas, they state:

“Although this is our first feature, Paul had been making TV comedy and entertainment shows for too many years, and Matt had been making drama for British TV and developing feature scripts. We¹d both been looking to do something a bit more substantial and meaningful when this project came along.

“Bill Hicks is already a huge American cultural icon in the UK, and around the world, but had never seen that recognition in the States as his material challenged accepted ways of thinking. Matt had done a London tribute night for Bill, and as well as uncovering some rare and unseen footage of Bill, had got to know the Hicks family. It was at that point that we met and realized that the amazing life story of this groundbreaking comedian had never fully been told. Using Paul¹s TV background, we began formulating ways to tell Bill’s story.”

Early reception of the documentary has been highly positive.

Production company: Halflife Films/Jackamo TV
Directors: Matt Harlock, Paul Thomas
Producers: Paul Thomas, Matt Harlock
Director of photography: Paul Thomas
Music: Mark Daniels
Editor: Matt Harlock, Paul Thomas
No MPAA rating, 103 minutes