Oxynet Solutions LLC Offers New Help for Indoor Air Quality in the UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, — With the world experiencing growing rates of CO2 emissions per capita, it is clear that something must be done to improve the air quality. While the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) strives to reach compliance with regulations in the outdoor air quality, one company is bringing the leading technology in air purification suitable for any indoor environment.

Oxynet Solutions, LLC, has been providing solutions for homes, offices, public places, hospitals etc for several years with the leading air purification systems on the market. Now they have taken it to new levels by becoming partnered with Biozone Scientific Finland, a company that produces cutting edge technology to clean the air better than any other product on the market.

Biozone Scientific’s air purification and ventilation systems not only remove the ever present dust from the air but also eliminate mold spores, viruses, bacteria and even volatile organic compounds (VOC). The technology of the machine not only purifies the air but also reduce micro organism present on the surface. Their advanced technologies have been developed in-house with their high tech research and development department.

Their air purification systems utilize a photo catalytic oxidation process that destroys VOC and photoplasma technology that not only reduces the number of micro-organisms but destroys the remaining organisms ability to reproduce. With the machines, deep UV light and negative ions continue to remove both organisms and chemical particulates from the air. Ozone then gets rid of the remaining bacteria, viruses and fungi. The process leaves the air clean and odor free.

Matti Rantaniemi, President of Biozone Scientific, has made the following statement regarding the company’s goals and mission: “As the value of clean and pure air is increasing, the demand for sophisticated air purification methods is rising exponentially. Consumers are concerned about the health-effects of air refreshing chemicals and deodorizers. Customers demand cleaner, odor- and bacteria-free air instead of a mere chemical covering up of unpleasant odors.

“BioZone Scientific has replied to this call with a scientific approach, cutting-edge air purification technology, and application specific solutions. The results have been astonishing, and BioZone Scientific is emerging as the global market leader in anti-microbial air purification in targeted sectors. BioZone continues to make sizeable investments in R&D, to expand to new sectors, and to form partnerships with some of the most preeminent distributors.”

As Oxynet Solutions, LLC, has the same goal of pure air for everyone, becoming the exclusive distributor for Biozone Scientific products in the UAE was an ideal partnership.

The Oxynet Vision Statement: To spread awareness about the importance of indoor air quality for good health and solve air quality issues by way of recommending viable technologically advanced, working solutions.

About Oxynet Solutions, LLC:
Oxynet Solutions, LLC has been offering state-of-the-art solutions that focus on reducing indoor air pollution for the past seven years in Dubai and throughout the UAE. Oxynet serve you with the effective solutions that are guaranteed to perform because they are backed by validated and proven advanced technology from Finland.

Oxynet Solutions, LLC is the only dealer in the UAE to offer Biozone Scientific air purifiers, the most effective way to improve indoor air quality in our homes, offices, workshops, airport, malls, hospital and literally, any indoor space .

The frequent encounter with different kinds of unpleasant odor in varied indoor environments like hospitals, clinics, pet shops, restaurant, malls, public washrooms etc, prompted a question isn’t there a solution to all this? The quest for solving this lead to the birth of Oxynet solutions in UAE.