How Twitter Got A President Elected & Why YOU Should Be Using Twitter For Your Business

Tweet, Twit, Twitter?

Two years ago if you had said any of those words to most anyone, they would think you would have lost it. They would look at you with a puzzled look and call the men in the white coats. Now a days, it’s a little different. You mention Twitter and the whole world knows what you’re talking about.

When Twitter first began, it seemed like a fad, something that would quickly fade from the minds of others and last forever in the perpetual universe that is the internet, but not within common everyday use.

Well they were wrong on that one.

Twitter grows in enormous amounts of followers each day (and follower itself has even taken on a new meaning in the world and universe that is Twitter.) Millions of new users join the tweeting craze each day, and it only looks to continue.

As a business if you are not already on Twitter, you are losing out.

If your competitor is on Twitter, they are quickly gaining a foothold on that market, and taking away YOUR potential customers.

You see, it’s not just celebrities that can take advantage of Twitter for branding purposes anymore. Everyone is.

From the small business, the the large business, from the media outlets to the President of the United States.

Some would even venture to say, one of the reasons the USA has it’s first colored President, is because of the power of social media.

Well others had fancy websites that said much of nothing, President Obama took to internet and social marketing.

He had a lead capture (if you don’t know what this is, you really need some help in your online marketing) when no other candidate did.

“Obama utilized Twitter and social media platforms to gain a following. He utilized that which many had yet to realize could even work on a business level. He foresaw the potential and grabbed it in it’s infancy, he grabbed that unfair foothold on those markets, before his opponents even realized they existed or the power that they held,” says Sylvia Meier, webmaster of the Business of Twitter website.

“You see, Twitter has evolved. Twitter and social media helped win a USA Presidency.

Now imagine the power it holds for your business.

“If it can take a relatively unknown man and make him President, think of the potential it holds for your business, for your marketing purposes, for your bottom line.

If you are not using Twitter yet, you should be. Otherwise, you’ll be the candidate sitting in his office wondering what went wrong, and how the competition could have risen so far above you.”