With Gulf Oil Spill Raising BP Bankruptcy Fears, Amazon Shoppers are Helping With Cleanup

With Gulf Oil Spill Raising BP Bankruptcy Fears, Amazon Shoppers are Helping With Cleanup

The Gulf oil spill disaster has been raising speculation on BP Bankruptcy filing. The oil spill disaster is leaving the future of families, the ecosystem, animals, and BP in jeopardy. BP has pledged to cover the costs of the cleanup. The question is what will happen if BP files for bankruptcy. If BP files bankruptcy, the Gulf oil spill cleanup will be passed onto the U.S. government. Meaning, it will cost taxpayers! BP Bankruptcy filing is speculation, but the company losing 47% of its value is a fact.

Images of sea turtles, fish, and birds covered in oil are beginning to surface. Relief is needed to the people and wildlife affected by the Gulf oil spill disaster. The oil is spreading across the Gulf Coast and along the once beautiful shorelines, damaging the fragile ecosystem, and wreaking marine life. The estimates of the Gulf oil spill has raised to the biggest oil spill in history.

The damage of the BP Gulf oil spill can easily cause over $2 billion in damage, in Florida alone. A University of Central Florida economist states that the oil spill disaster can cost the economy in Florida $2.2 billion. The estimated job loss, in an already high unemployment rate state, is 39,000. Not only is the fishing industry affected but also tourism to Florida has already plummeted.

The oil spill is already devastating the Gulf and it will have long-term consequences. Through a partnership of Amazon and HopeVote, Amazon users can help this environmental disaster at no cost. Every purchase at Amazon will benefit the Gulf coast Oil Spill Fund and the National Wildlife Federation. To participate in the fundraiser, Amazon shoppers need only to navigate to http://www.hopevote.com, where they can see the current results of the fundraiser and navigate to the familiar Amazon storefront, through a special link. The purchases made after following the link will help benefit the relief of the Gulf oil spill disaster.

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