Irenew Bracelet Review – Does it Really Work?

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Perhaps you have seen advertisements online or on television for the irenew bracelet. However, you may be wondering if the product really works or if it is merely advertising hype. Before you buy, you want to learn a bit more. To help you make up your own mind, here is an Irenew bracelet review to give you a better look at this product.

First, you may be wondering what the irenew bracelet is. This bracelet is a specially designed bracelet that is supposed to bring you energy. It goes beyond some of the other magnetic jewelry already available, working to give you energy, strength, and balance with a new technology. The company advertises that not only will your energy be increased with this bracelet, but you will get better rest too. You can purchase the braclet in two different colors – black or white. The price of one of these bracelets is $19.99, although a special offer may allow you to get two bracelets for this price.

How Irenew Bracelet Work?

All you have to do to enjoy the benefits of the Irenew bracelet is to wear it. The effects should be felt within 10-20 minutes and the longer you wear it, the more effects you will notice. The bracelet is designed to work by taking your biofield, rebalancing it, and returning it to a state that is more natural to you. This Irenew bracelet makes use of biofield technology, balancing out the energy frequencies that are around you, which can be unbalanced as a result of the electromagnetic radiation that can be all around you.

Irenew Bracelet Benefits

In our Irenew bracelet review, we found that there are many benefits that you can enjoy when you purchase and begin wearing one of these bracelets on a regular basis. Overall health can be improved in a variety of ways. Inflammation can be reduced, you can experience better sleep at night, circulation can be improved, and you will be better able to deal with stress. Another benefit that you will experience is more energy. You will find yourself more focused, strength will increase, and even your flexibility will become better with this bracelet.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the Irenew bracelet definitely shows promise and seems to provide some excellent benefits. If you are unsure about the product, you can find many testimonials on the web from other consumers. There are many who report excellent results when wearing this bracelet, which lets you know that this is more than just a bunch of hype.

Another positive aspect about the Irenew bracelet is that the company is so convinced it works that they are willing to stand behind their product. If you are unhappy with it and you don’t enjoy the benefits advertised, you can send back the bracelet to get your money back. For those who are feeling run down and fatigued, the Irenew bracelet can provide that extra energy you need and can also improve your overall health in many ways. With a 100% guarantee, it is definitely worth giving a try.

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  1. I made a similar bracelet out of the toy Magnetix. This isn't that big of a 'break through' and I suggest you try to make your own with some strong magnets.

  2. I was just wondering if this braclet was worth purchasing., I have a hard time falling asleep and have arthritis, any feedback would be appreciated!

    Thank you


    • Actually, this bracelet has really helped me to sleep. I have not been able to to go sleep before 12 midnight or 1, 2, and sometimes even 3 in the morning. Ever since I got my bracelet I can't even stay awake to watch the 10 o'clock news. My sleep is great. Even if I wake up during the night, I go right back to sleep. We have had some horrible thunderstorms in our area (according to my neighbor who was awakened by them) and I have slept right through them getting up in the morning wondering why our yard is flooded. Yes, it has really helped me to sleep and, yes, it took a long time to receive it but I'm sure glad I ordered it. It has been a real blessing!!!

    • You could buy & try the bracelet.
      But for sleep, first try buying a small 2 ounce bottle of Melatonin from a health food store. It's a natural hormone folks make when they're young (to naturally make them sleepy). But our bodies secrete LESS as we age. It's a great anti-aging supplement as well. Try it little-by-little til you find the amount that gets you drowsy. It's non-habit forming. For arthritis, reduce the inflammation naturally with the spice powder called Turmeric (at your grocer); I take a level teaspoon with water (or more…it depends). It's a food so you probably can't overdose on this either. Good luck.

    • I've been wearing my bracelet for two weeks. I notice I'm not tired during the day like I used to be, I sleep great and most important the tendonitis in my shoulder hasn't bothered me since I began wearing the bracelet. In fact, I can easily raise my arm over my head without any pain, but once I take the bracelet off the pain tends to recur in about 30 mins.

  3. Stick it on TV, and it will sell. People have been falling for this exact scam since the 1700's, thanks to the infamous Franz Mesmer. Debunked in 1784 by a commission of scholars which included Benjamin Franklin, it was concluded that any benefit derived was attributed to "imagination."

  4. I wear a copper bracelet with two small magnets on each end. It really helps my rotator cuff problems. I wonder if the iRenew is similar.

    • Its real…its called placebo effect. Works for the first day and if one sticks in the first stage of the Kubler-Ross it might work a little longer.

  5. One thing I noticed that I feel is a scam about the Irenew bracelet from a marketing prospective…is that the p/h is quite high and your Forced to get 1 for $19.99 + 1 free? plus p/h Twice of $7.95 even though is costs the same to ship two! So IF you return it they still make from $15.90 p/h about $10.50 profit as the actual postage for them is about $5.00 from usps.

    Personally I dislike this type of forced business of high postage cost and to buy more than you want.

    • I absolutely agree. Actual shipping is about $5 and the rest is pure profit. OF COURSE THEY ALLOW YOU TO RETURN THE BRACELET, because they do so "LESS S&H" so they make their profit whether you keep the junk or not.

    • i'm not speaking against or for this product. but don't forget they that $7.95 includes shipping AND HANDLING. so if it costs $5 for the shipping, they are getting about $5 pre bracelent as a handling fee to package and physically ship out the product. think of re-stocking fees many stores charge if you bring an item back (usually applies to electronics, but nevertheless).

      • I bought mine at Altmeyers Home Store — no shipping charges and they said I could return it. Haven’t used it long enough to tell you if it works — just put it on this morning. The directions are crappy – go to website for best explanation.

    • ya know you can go to any WALMART and near the front of the store with the "as seen on tv" crap get this item for 19.99 and if you dont like it you can return it and if you cant for some reason your out 20 bucks big deal thas $20 that would have went to alcohol or drugs or some other waste of time. i bought mine with a sceptical attitude like "this can't possibly work" but i gave it a shot and have noticed improvement with my balance within a day this can be measured on Wii fit by they way so scam or not i'm satisfied with my little experiment. it comes down to are you willing to take a chance or not? up to you.

  6. Totally a scam Seriously people are retarded.

    I will make you guys a magic coin that if you keep in your pocket will give you eternal life. Its not ordinary coin it taps into the north pols magnetism.

  7. This scam runs in the face of many laws and "regulations" that are supposed to protect the public – where are the "regulators". Buyer beware!!

  8. YOU PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS ! You'd buy a lacquered rhinestone studded pile of dog crap if they promised you millions if you just rubbed it every day.

    Wait exactly one year, and you'll find that the FDA and FTC have sued these guys for unsupported medical claims and false advertising, that every "real person" was a paid actor, that they used friends and employees to make fake internet postings, and the people behind this scam are the same ones who've been behind dozens of other scams.

    With all that said, I'm ordering mine now !

  9. Here's what says this is a scam:

    The fact that the S&H is SO RIDICULOUSLY HIGH. "Yeah, you get one free, AND you can return it. . . But we still made money off of the S&H, so we don't really care."

    The fact that the only "Reviews" are just the same description of the product as on the website. And mostly link back to the original website. (Gee, I wonder if they get paid for that.)

    There is no clear description on their "breakthrough technology" and why they're better than anything else out there. (Is it because it comes in stylish black/white?)

    Why can't I get it from some other online store? So there's no way to get just one, and pay normal S&H?

    Their "demonstrations" are just (clearly) actors leaning on a guy. Before they stumble, after they don't. How does that demonstrate ANYTHING?

    . . .

    I'd stay away from this, if you are a smart person, who cares about what they spend their money on.

    • ok at the double for one if call say u dont want to pay for shipping on 2nd they agree comes in original package woo hoo surpise u get 2 its too hard to just ship one.

    • Now they sell i at Walmart and you dont have to pay shipping and handling. If you dont like it, take it back! It has helped increase my energy wearing it for the first day! So why dont you try it first before you start talking about something you dont know!!!!!

    • Its not a new technology, I had a bracelet similar to irenew years ago and it does help your balance and energy. I did the same as their demonstrations and it worked.

    • Jake, FYI ….. I did get mine from a Different Online Store. I only bought one. For Less than the $ 19.99. And I got FREE SHIPPING !!!! And it does work. So throw some NEGATIVE comments to this. LOL

    • the people in the demonstrations aren't actors. the demonstrations actually work, i've tried them myself and showed my friends and it demonstrates better balance and resistance. u should really try it yourself before you start flaming it next time….

  10. I was one of the "suckers" who bought the bracelets. I suffer from fibromyalgia and at this point I'll try anything. Still haven't received them yet even though I signed up for express delivery. The S/H is a total scam. You pay $15.90 to ship 2 bracelets. Then it gives you the option to get a 2nd set and they'll give you "FREE" shipping. OK, so I got another set. Planned on giving them away. For $4.95 more you can get express delivery. Signed up for that, too. Immediately my order was processed with a $20.05 S/H charged to my card. What happened to the free shipping? I emailed the company twice and still no answer. Don't order online. If anything, wait til it comes to a store near you.

    • I want you to know that fibromyalgia is beeing successfully treated since the 90's. The Rx came from Los Angeles. It was publishized in one of the TV networks, but went under the radar screen. We are counted with the fingers, the number of doctors who know how to reverse the symptoms in order to carry a normal life, but the Rx has to continue for life, otherwise the fibro will return. It is a genetic disease, tranmitted up to 3 generations and manifested for a disturbance of the energy produccion with accumulation of phosphates in the mitochondria. This is why the IRenew will not work. Email me at

  11. Just got mine after six weeks. Web site emailed me back after three days saying they were out of stock when I contacted them after a month of nothing and they said it would be a while longer. Have to see if it does anything.

  12. obvious scam. only possible benefits are from the placebo effect. if you believe the claims, which are vague and unmeasurable, then you are without sense. You know what fixes lack of sense? iRenew bracelets. buy them now!

  13. Bad advice to stick a regular magnet anywhere on or near the human body. The body has very specific magnetic frequencies within it. Any medical magnet must, must, must be tuned to that particular frequency. An odd or wrong magnetic frequency can do more harm than good.

    • How about some links to peer-reviewed medical studies documenting the claim that magnets of the wrong frequency do harm? Oh, wait. They don't exist. Permanent magnets of the type used in a product like this, don't even have frequencies. Frequencies are found in electromagnets and electromagnetic radiation.

      While we're at it, how about peer-reviewed medical studies and clinical trials showing the effectiveness of these toys? I wouldn't hold my breath on those either. If they existed there would be mentions of the Journals they are found in all over the advertising.

      • Congradulations on taking the time to share with us what you learned in community college. I for one am impressed. That girl has probaley gone through her whole life with a healthy fear of magnets and now you have ruined it. Now what is she gonna blame her unbalanced frequencies on? I hope you can sleep tonite David. Your a peer-reviewed jerk.

      • David is correct, as anyone who has even the slightest knowledge of physics understands. Permanent magnets don't have any sort of frequency, so sayng "Any medical magnet must, must, must be tuned to that particular frequency" is just talking gibberish.

    • Better get away from your computer then! There are strong magnetic fields coming from your CRT type monitor and also a very strong magnet in your hard drive. If you don't know how things work, don't comment at all. Translated: "Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."

  14. I'll go along with Mike's suggestion of waiting until it comes to the neighborhood Walgreen….. or better still, we have an independent "dollar store" in our area that finds and sells the usual Chinese made junk such as this for slightly more than a dollar in a special section of the store.

  15. Another point…..

    Look at the heading.

    Irenew Bracelet Review-Does it Really Work?

    Where is the review?

    It's just a sales pitch from those selling the bracelet telling the gullible that through a SPECIAL offer they can get two pieces of Chinese junk for the price of one, providing of course they are willing to pay an exorbitant sum for the mailing of the items which probably cost no more than fifty cents each from China….. including the shipping costs.

    It's amazing what these people can get away with.

    However as Barnum is credited with saying, "There's one born every minute".

  16. Yes I do think I will wait for Walgreen's to stock this and if fails to work then I can get my full refund. Walgreen's is Great.

  17. It's not real. It just a plusivo (ex: you take a sugar clump thanking it a pill that helps cure a disease you think you have, and the next day its done) they are just playing a trick on you. Dont buy it.

    • Thanks for educating us all on the "plusivo" effect. Good job on applying what you learned in 4th grade today. Its admirable the red dotted line that appeared under it after you typed it did not stop your enthusiasm to enlighten us. By the way, the bracelet totally works. I used to be a sarcastic dick with no balance. After wearing it for 3 days I am a professional tight rope walker with a positive outlook.

      • That's nothing, Matt. I'm an 85-year-old paraplegic with my larynx removed, and after 2 days with this device I can sing better than Elvis Presley while dancing around the stage and turning somersaults. And that was just from watching the TV commercials! I didn't even have to buy the Irenew gadget! It's wonderful!

      • come on.i have had ten surgeries on different parts of my body ..heck you can imagine the pain i go thru most days..i figure why not try these THINGS i have done crazier things that have worked ..look guys pray god is better than a piece of weird rubber and some peice of metal not yet identifiable………

  18. my best friend is an athlete and she has been wearing one for 2 years its not the irenew thing but its very similar and she hasnt had any problems with it it has helped her a lot. dont listen to these people who say you are buying into a scam b/c i have been wearing one for a month now and i feel a lot better. its not going to kill you to try and its really not that expensive

  19. I would consider this if I thought it would actually do more than take up wrist space. The price is ok especially if you BOGO free, its the shipping charges that stop me. These things weigh mere ounces, and they are getting $7.95 per item to send, when in fact they could be placed in a mailing envelope and sent for pennies. I hate the sh/hndl screw job that is dont by all these companies.

  20. Well if you have a flea market in or near your area, i guarantee you they will have them for 5 bucks….i don`t believe they work, secondly you can make you own magnetic strip to go around your leg for far less than $ 19.00 it`s also out of sight….also the money back guarantee, it could take 6 months to get your money back, guess what they do with all the money they make on this worthless crap? they invest it, so they are making a killing on a high yield investment, so sure after they get through using your money to make them rich, they will gladly return your`s, but not until they have made their killing….this has scam written all over it in capitol letters.

  21. I guess the best way to see it is like this..the junk is $ 19.00..if i can dupe 1 million people, i have brought in around 20 million dollars, well i invest it at a high yield rate, the 20 million dollars becomes 25 million dollars, i`ve made 5 million dollars off of your money, thank you very much suckers it was a pleasure doing business with you..then they pay a few people to pitch for them, get the idea?

    • im pretty sure your just mad that people are happy with the results and yet your still your stuck up helps with your attitude and a college baseball pitcher and my balance and health and more energy has made me better since i put the bracelet on …try it first before you put it done there bud..

  22. If you like the results from this bracelet, try taking an ORMEs supplement while you wear it. There are very similar principles involved, and the tech is quite symbiotic.

  23. ok. nobody on this site has gotten one of the bracelets and says if it works or not. they are just being critics bout a bracelet they dont know for sure about. i have scoliosis, many joint problem, and other problems with my body on the inside, and i have a very hard time falling asleep and staying asleep at night. all i want to do is find out if this bracelet even works a little bit at least, but instead i find website such as this that are just filled with critics that dont know 100% sure of what they are talking about.

    • Hi, I purchased my bracelets through the telephone. I did not request express shipping and received them in less than a week. My husband put his on first, he has had trouble with his shoulder for about three years and has been living on Aleve twice a day. Within 15 minutes or so, he could lift his arm as he has not been able to for a long time.

      I had knee surgery in May and have been in quite a bit of pain. The doctor said I am loaded with arthritis as well. After putting on my bracelet I was literally pain free for about 4 days and then the effect diminished.

      I came on the site to see if I was doing something wrong with positioning the bracelt on the forearm muscle or should it go on the wrist more, also I have not taken it off which means that it has been wet. It did work great for a short time.

      If you should decide to call for an order the phone prompts are endless as they try to get you to buy more and also for your pets. I live in Massachusetts and I did find that there is a place (Lakeville, MA) where they can be purchased for $14.95 each.

      I hope I have helped.

  24. silas, the point is that NONE of these types of things work — they can't. There is absolutely no science of any kind behind these type of remedies.

  25. I've been offering bioenergy therapy for donations only for almost 2 years. The energy body surrounding our physical body is our first line of defense against illness and disease. Strengthening the bioenergy field strengthens your immune system which allows YOUR OWN immune system to heal a remarkable list of ailments. I have personally had positive results with AIDS, autism, multiple sclerosis, lupus, cerebral palsy, leukemia, hep-C, insomnia, relieving pain, fibromyalgia, asthma…the list goes on. In fact, my AIDS client's viral load is "virtually non-existant", my client with Lupus no longer has Lupus, and the viral load of my client with hep-C went from 17.6 million down to 2.5 million. Bioenergy is real. It has nothing to do with "magnetism". I've ordered 2 iRenew bracelets to see if it compares to Bioenergy Therapy. If not, I'll return them within 30 days and get my refund.

    • “The energy body surrounding our physical body is our first line of defense against illness and disease.” – Are you serious? I’ve never posted in reply to any of these other ridiculous comments on how a wrist band will heal you, but sir, please do not act like you have the authority to tell people information; especially when it is false. For those who are concerned, we have three lines of defense in the human body:
      1) Your skin
      Your skin acts as a physical barrier preventing microbes from entering the blood, organs, or reaching important tissue.
      2) Phagocytic White Blood cells
      These cells go to an area of infection, cut, scrape, burn etc.. and envelop (“eat”) any harmful pathogen. These cells are what flood an area which becomes inflamed due to a immuno response from the body.
      3) Lymphocytes – B and T cells
      These cells are the “assassins” of the body. Once the immune system has identified the pathogen in the body, it sends these specialized cells to the area to remove them.

      Notice how “energy body” isn’t in these three? Yeah, take the hint.

      • Your response was informative, arrogant and disrespectful. Certainly expected better behavior from a well educated person.

        Obviously, your view of the human body precludes the “energy” body perspective since it not traditionally observable and measurable. Yet, there are decades of research conducted in university physics departments that prove the “energy body” exists. It might be interesting reading for you and your expanded skill set could benefit your patients. Amazon has a great reading list.

  26. Steve Marcus is on the money to “highly recommend the iRenew bracelet for everyone who voted for Obama”. The last election proved that there too many “brain dead” people in this country! This company must have paid big bucks for an agency to promote this “scam”. They prey on people’s ailments to make a fast buck! Disgusting!!! If only they can figure out a way to sell this “product” to all the dead people who voted for BHO, I may consider buying stock in the company!!!

  27. HELP! I was tuning my radio wearing iRenew and magnetic waves combined with radio waves created time warp and threw me 5.348min. back in time. Now there's two of me. We got to share everything from clothes to wife.

  28. I bought mine last month, just got it after being on back order for a month, well I've been wearing it now for four days, does absolutely nothing. What does it tell you when the shipping costs as much as the product? I wanted to try it. If I returned it, It still will cost me money to ship and I just lost 18.00 on shipping costs. Buy one get one free, but pay twice for shipping. Oh and it arrived in a brown paper bag with zip lock bags for the bracelets. Total scam! I kissed 38 dollars good bye. Don't Waist your Money!

  29. Alex, what radio station were you tuning to? I want to that too so I can send my other self to work and I can stay home and watch Jerry Springer.

  30. OK I don’t know if they work or not. Someone said they can’t but I do know there is science behind the idea, but…..any company that resorts to the deceptive practices as this company are NOT selling a product you can count on. I decided to order it figured EVEN with the high shipping it was worth a try. But then after ordering it what appeared to be the same page loaded again so I thought I had made a mistake leaving a 1 in the drop down menu for the buy on get on free changed it to a two. Then after saying no to a dozen more offers I get to the end …… my order had been made for $75 and there was no way to undo it. First thing monday morning I’m stopping payment on the charge to my bank account.

  31. I'll say it again…..If these things really helped people, why aren't doctors everywhere prescribing them to their patients?? It's like all of these miracle diet pills. If there was anything out there that could actually help people lose the extra lbs., well, we'd all be skinny, wouldn't we!!??

  32. ok so i've searched the internet trying to find out from people if the irenew really works or not. well half says yes and the other half says know. now i dont know what to think!! my opinion is its a scam because they definately make money wheather you keep it or send it back and the fact that you cant just get one for one low price. and whats up with the shipping cost? they know it does not cost that much to ship a light weight bracelet. i have mailed packages that were alot bigger and paid half the cost that they are charging. guess i will wait a bit longer to decide if i will get one(two) or not. i suppose i need proof before i spend my hard earned money on it. perhaps i can just get a magnetic off my fridge and tape it to my body and see if that does anything or not lol.

  33. Don't waste your money. I have vertigo and thought this would help. A kind friend bought one for me, and it did NOTHING.

  34. the bracelet is as phony as the guy selling it without the bracelet he pulls the person down and toward him at the same time and with the bracelet he pushes strait down

  35. i totally agree with Jake. i have been doing my research and all the reviews just seem like advertisements. no one explains the technology, just that it is new and innovative. i call BS! the bracelet is not even cute, i'd rather wear silly bands.

  36. The bracelet is neoprene rubber and metal- thats it. I "peeled open" the logo metal part and nothing. Any good effects people have from this is simpy the placebo effect. The only real effect it has is on your wallet.

    • What most do not get is that the placebo effect, is in fact an effect which produces the desired results. So, if the results are what you are after, who cares if it is placebo or not? It is just as possible that those who want to prove it’s crap are using the same power as the placebo effect. Magic??? It’s all magic

  37. I was also a skeptical about this bracelet until my buddy bought one. He swore it worked, and after performing a balance test on me, while wearing the bracelet, I was convinced it actually did help keep me more balanced while pressure is applied to one side of your body. The test is very easy and a group of us tried it, with the entire group having the exact same results. My advise is to try to find a friend that wears one & have them perform the balance test on you. You will be amazed.

    • If someone truely believed they had an incapability such as balance in this situation. Your mind is a very powerful tool and after a while it will believe what you tell it, basicaly by believing this bracelett works by putting it on your gauranteed to think your feeling results when in fact you are tricking your mind. Fear and anxiety form in a complex such as this, as far as this product I highly doubt a bracelett will do anything for balance or basic health, in theory your just wearing a funky glowing bracelett

      • Actually didnt you know that our minds are really powerfull. there is a book call The Secret and is a really good book it tought me a lot and now i understand life better. to make something hapen we have to believe it.

  38. I ordered the irenew braclet and have not received them. The latest they should have been here was July 26. I have tried and tried to contact customer service and cannot get through. They also do not answer the emails I have sent. My advice is not to order from this company because their customer service is terrible.

    • I had just received mine almost three weeks late, they did not even let me know via email that the order was on its way, matter of fact, I thought to myself just the other day that they must have not gotten my order. I agree their customer service needs some major tweaking. No comment on if it works or not, i don’t feel different after a day, maybe tomorrow.

  39. I recently bought the irenew bracelt….got the buy one get one free for $19.99 deal. I have been wearing it for a week now. I do feel more energetic and focused…and do get better sleep. I don't know how it works and even started looking to see how it worked after getting it…but no real explanation. Ok…yeah who's to say that it isn't just a placebo affect…I don't know. I do know that I was always feeling tired at the end of the day….but haven't thus far after wearing it. All i can say is…before you poo poo on it…..try it. Like it says if you aren't satisfied….you get your money back.

  40. I ordered the bracelet online. The website was confusing and misleading. There was no way to edit or stop the order by the time I realized it had added two sets instead of one.

    I emailed the company with no response. The bracelets arrived today. I have been wearing one for the last 12 hours with unhappy results.

    The under part of the bracelet is sharp and uncomfortable. It pulls the hair on my arms. Worst of all, it has aggravated the arthritis in my wrist.

    My daughter is wearing the second one and has no complaints so far. We'll see how she does sleeping in it.

    I, for one, will be sending one set back regardless of how she does with it.

  41. After 3 and half week I finally received my bracelets. What a pile of crappola.
    As stated it is just a neoprene band and a stainless steel clasp. Probably 2.00 in materials. You can not get it tight enough (which is by cutting it, so voiding any refund.) 15.00 shipping was ridiculous. Then to waste more money sending it back. You have to be kidding.
    I feel no different.

  42. Scam Scam Scam! Website often double orders. The bracelet is a silicone band surrounded by stainless steel. No biofield bs that they proclaim to have in it. The refund policy is minus shipping and handling which is significant when shipping is $15.90 for two bracelets that weigh less than 30 grams. Do not buy I-Renew and enrich these crooks. They defraud the public and offer no medical value, plus hardly fashionable.

    Cheers consumers!

  43. I recently had major back surgery and when I stand up after sitting for more than 30 minutes I have to take a few minutes to stretch out my back so I can stand up straight. As well, when first standing, my back aches and feels extremely tight.

    My mother bought the bracelets with my back in mind. She wore one and gave the second one to me. To make her happy I wore it out of her house, thinking this thing is a bunch of crap. I totally forgot I was wearing the thing, and went about my day. When I got home, I got out of my car and walked into my house. It dawned on me that my back was not hurting, I was standing up straight, and I did not have to take the usual five minutes to stretch after getting out of my car. I don't know if the bracelet has anything to do with this or my back all of a sudden magically healed? I am totally skeptical about the bracelet, however, I've been wearing it for over 24 hours now, with the same results each time I stand/walk. My back feels so good I don't want to take the stupid bracelet off now!

  44. first off having no scientific evidence is pretty compelling that it is a scam. but when you look up Biofield Therapy all links point to Reiki. Which is energy or CHI work. which requires a practitioner and cannot be replicated by a device. this is because the Biofields change depending on what part of the body is being worked on, and no one point on the body (chakra) can effect all of them.

  45. Question – Can you wear other bracelets with iRenew? Same arm. I wear 2 – 3 silver bracelets and on the other arm, always a watch.
    I could wear the iRenew alone when sleeping and around the house if it works better but would prefer to add it to my others…..

  46. i bought a I renew bracelet and put it on the exhaust pipe of my 2010 ford f250, lo and behold, the truck now flies, go figure. By reacting with the bio filed of my exhaust I now have my own chitty chitty bang. This miraculous conversion is not without its problems though, I now have to register with the FAA and install an aviation radio. Ground control to Major Tom!!

  47. they offer a money back guarantee not because they are so confident in their product but because they have to! Honestly what products do you see sold on tv that do not offer a money back guarantee? once you do decide you want your money back you still lose the outrageous shipping fee which they will still profit on and it will most likely be a long and annoying process before you actually get any money back. The company knows that at only $20 most will not even attempt to receive a refund. If something sounds too good to be true it usually is.

  48. I think what most of you closed minded and ignorant people need is a bracelet that will help you spell! LOL Get real people, you all buy the drugs and the prescriptions your trusted Doctors say you MUST have….and don't realize what they are doing is slowly poisoning you and taking your money! Who's the sucker now? LOL Wake up America, we are mostly a society of brainwashed, negative, ignorant and misinformed human beings who are too quick to judge and disregard the benefits of alternative healing methods……which have worked for hundreds and hundreds of years! Open you eyes and wake up! It's quite sad …..just sad to read these comments.

    • Thank goodness someone else sees what the pharmaceutical and insurance companies along with the medical field costs us. Most good medicines come from plants and herbs that natives use so why not try something that has no side effects, instead of medicines and practices that don't cure us, and the side effects could kill us. These Big Businesses don't want to cure pain and disease because then they would not make any money.

    • How ignorant u are, dont u have anything possitive to say? stop wasting your time your life must be so miserable dont try to make people feel bad just because your life probably sucks.ok we dont need u teacher. how can u b so rasist 2 ur own culture i feel sorry for u. dont be a hater and go to a phiscologist. dont u love urself? mmm….. you have a problem. disfruta la vida como debe ser y no te amargues.

    • Just sad to read your comments……talk about ignorant and close-minded. And you’re not such a great speller either. Alternative healing is a bunch of bull and you fell for it. Don’t you know the scammers who are selling that stuff are making billions off people like you who don’t know any better. You have no idea what you are really buying! There are far more crooks in the alternative healing BUSINE$$ than in authentic professional medical services.

  49. Yeah, I guess they saw me coming on this one…haven't felt any different and the bracelet is very uncomfortable. I have to turn it so the clasp is on top of my wrist when I go to bed or it cuts into me. I guess I learned a $35 (bracelets plus shipping and handling) lesson. Kind of cheap material also. Not happy but as someone said if I sent them back I'd still be out almost as much as the bracelets cost for the shipping.

  50. I did my own investigation i wore one for 1 month and i didnt sleep better,and it didnt give me energy at all i was still feeling run down,then i took it off and took a daily vitiman and drank a vegtable fruit mix for 1 month really didnt do anything either until the second week i was sleeping better,had more energy,and was not feeling run down at all.I should come out with one that you were on your finger buy 1 at 9.99 plus 4.95 shipping and get one free plus another 2.95 shipping please sale a million or two and i could turn my paper money into real money gold…

  51. just go get a couple of quartz pebbles, hemitite and some copper…put them in your pocket. same effect and they are lovely stones so you can enjoy looking at them and the copper, well, it's nice too and you can amuse yourself with stuff like this in your pocket…plus it will do everything this scam braclet does, plus they are natural, come from our earth and they are cheap or free if you look in the right place! even if you buy the stones and a little piece of copper wire you can spend less than 10.00 and no shipping fees…lol
    really sad that these kinds of people prey on sick or elderly folks…really an injustice.

  52. funny how we have so many "reviews" about a product they have never used.

    I do have to agree that the S/P charges are high, but thats free enterprise. God bless America!

    News flash….false advertising doesn't get punished. There is no false advertising police thats going to get these guys, or any one else making false claims. I am sure some kind of fine print popped up that we wasnt paying attention to that covers there collective azzes (if it doesnt work) All it has to say is "results may vary" and thats that.

    That being said, I know for a fact and personal use that magnetic bracelets do work (for me) So this might be worth trying. I'll also find this in Walgreen or the "as seen on tv" section of walmart. They can keep there S/P charges for the impulse buyers

  53. I dont know if anyone experience this problem, but when I received the Irenew bracelet I had follow the direction to follow to make the Bracelet smaller, when I stuck the paperclip in the clip like instructed a piece pop off so right now I have a damaged bracelet

    • Ya, man. Same happened to myself. Opened it up, read the instructions for resizing. As soon as the paperclip was inserted, the entire clasp disassembled in my hands. Now I’m left with a handful of jumbled latch parts with no hopes of reassembling. Scam or not, I can’t say. A little quality control would go a long way, though.

  54. After reading these comments, I might as well as pick up a rock from my drive-way and stick it in my pocket for a miracle cure. Who knows? Pet rocks might be the next best miracle cure for arthritis and osteoporosis. I'll sell ya one for $19.99 plus shipping and handling, not excluding taxes.

  55. All i can say is run They charged me extra total of 40.84 for shipping priority mail on 9/3/10 and today is the 13th of sept and I still have not received my renews and it takes them up to 45 days to refund your money what a scam.

  56. Found it on Amazon. Didn’t get one free, but got it in 2 days. I’m not sure how it’s supposed to be finding frequencies that are right for me while bouncing the bad ones, or if, in fact, it is the placebo effect. Getting all the way to midnight without a late afternoon nap, on the other hand, simply isn’t my way; till today, that is.

  57. Just one big issue here….. It is a scam… Don't waste your money. Magnets, metals, snake oil, have no effect on the human body, funny thing is we are not made out of stuff that is magnetic…
    Ever have an MRI???? did you feel all full of engery after??? no you did not. and an MRI has lot more magnetic engery,,,

    • Ummm… do your research. Iron is magnetic and we have iron… There’s a whole list of metals that are natural parts of the human body, as small amounts as they are… Those small amounts are just enough to react to a magnet and provide energy. The reason we don’t feel energized after an MRI is because the magnets aren’t actually placed directly on the skin, which is a barrier for such magnetic metals that we have in our bodies. The tiny amounts of the metals within us aren’t strong enough to react to the MRI scanner through the skin, but with a magnet placed directly on the skin, it is much easier to activate the metals.

    • Wow, how ignorant can you be? We are definitely magnetic beings, and science has proven that we actually have a 2 to 3 inch magnetic field outlining the exterior of our bodies as well. Some fields are weaker and some are stronger in contrast and are dependent on the person. These bracelets can’t help but ‘do something’ within the body because it is influencing and moving the magnetic waves within us, however we can’t possibly know what that will be until we stick a magnet, or magnets, to our body. Do some research first before posting, because ignorance just makes one look inferior.

  58. Lee
    Well, I fell for it. We got two and both of us have been wearing them. They are worthless.. it does nothing. We feel like idiots. They charge so much for handling that they don't loose even if you send them back. It is nothing but a piece of metal wrapped around a piece of rubber strapping with a cheap clip on it. They came in a small ziplock bag. It is very Rinky Dink. Save your money… Buy something more worthwhile.

  59. I actually bought one (like a fool). It doesn't work, and they screw you on shipping/handling. I don't even think it's magnetic….seems like just a piece of aluminum with a black rubber band. THEN, they had the nerve to follow up with me in a couple of week to make sure I received (ya , right), AND to try and sell me something else. After I explained to the caller that it was junk and I was so stupid to buy it in the first place, she STILL tried selling me something else. I can't blame her because I was stupid enough to buy the bracelet!

  60. To all of you people who think wow that person it trying to help me! when you should understand they don't give a damn about you or your problems. Let's put it this way, what they did was stick two magnets on the end of a bracelet and told you it will do wonders for your health and body right? What if I was to do the same thing but come up to you on the street with it, would you buy it then? NOOOOOO you wouldn't because you would think I was full of crap and you would be right! Just because they are on T.V. dosen't mean what they are selling you is with worth anything, THEY ARE TRYING TO MAKE MONEY!!!!! Get it!

  61. I bought one at Wal-Mart a week ago, it has improved my balance, and has given me a little more energy. I didn't believe in it either, I went into it with open mind thinking it probably wouldn't work. I have MS and my balance is very bad, but with this bracelet it is a little better, not a cure or a miracle by any means. Wha tthe heck twenty bucks and tax try it.

    • My boyfirend has MS as well and I just bought him one this evening. Does it matter which arm you wear it on and do u need to take it off to keep it dry. This is the first time he has said that his elbow and neck do not hurt. Have u noticed any difference with your balance yet?

  62. It doesn't work. I'm just as exhausted as ever, I excercise every day and I'm just as sore and stiff, and achy as I always was. The only thing it is, is a fashion statement now.

      • Lyme and related NEID (Neuroendocrine Immune Diseases, including CFIDS, XMRV, MS, Morgellon’s, fibro, Autism, etc.) are real, epidemic and disrupt the body’s natural neurologic/electrical cell communications. Mix in a new soup of environmental chemical exposures plus increasing bombardment by all kinds of electrical and microwave frequencies that the body was never designed to handle: No wonder people are seeking inexpensive healing boosts even if they are doing healthy diets, thinking and exercise. Doctors are in info overload and do not have easily available time to research, validate and teach patients environmental medicine and self-care.

  63. I bought one. I ha very bad balance issues after being on a Hep-C treatment program that uses Interferon and Riboviron protocal, very tough. It has definetly helped for that. nothing for sleeping or energy.

  64. For those of dysophic means, one must certainly realize that, "this is clearly an attempt, by our alien progenitors, to eradicate from our gene pool those who might mire down the genetic vitality and collective acumen of our species." – Then, when they 'finally DO come', they will be able to identify the morons by the bands on their wrists! Of course, if you just "buy this" (minus the appropriate skepticism), you might have a band on your wrist.

  65. Someone bought one of these iRenew braclets and gave me the extra one. This braclet DOESN'T WORK. I tried every test on the info commerical. Horrilbe waste of time and money.When I watch the video it looks like they are pullin on different angles throwing your COG off without it on. Secondly, after someone has pulled on your arm you already know what its going to feel like so you prepare thus making it look like the braclet works. Trust me i tried all the blance exercises etc…..and I did just the same without out it as I did with it on.

  66. So I have read all the comments to this point. We throw out all the comments that haven't actually tried the bracelet. And you are left with the ones that say it doesn't work and the ones that say it does work. About 50/50. That is a pretty indicator that it isn't a placebo. However, a 50/50 success rate for a therapy or medicine is pretty poor. But it's about right for a natural remedy. Is it a placebo or not? If you think it will work, it probably will, especially if you buy it. It probably won't if you don't think it will work going in, again, especially if you didn't buy it. That's just human nature.

    BTW, mine seems to work. I have only had it a few hours. Did I see massive results that caused me to leap tall buildings in a single bound? NO. But for $20 at Wal-Greens, what do you expect? I did however notice an improvement in balance and strength, although minor. Again, for $20 I didn't expect it to come with tights and a cape.

    • The medical textbook standard for any medication is : 25 % it works, 25% it does not work, 25% no effect & 25% worse. Even a rehab program that claims 30% success rate is deemed too high.

  67. I bought 2 gave one to a friend with MS, He has had balance problems for years now. Any one with this knows what I am talking about. That was the big test for me! Well I am here to tell you , yes it does work! To see the look on the families faces when we did all the testing on him, was priceless to say!!!! It's not a cure by no means! But to bring some normality back into his life, wooow I cant thank you enough

  68. i have been using the irenew for about two months and IT WORKS!!!, i no longer lose my balance when i get out of bed , now you may say that's it's all in my mind but one thing that cant be fooled is the headaches i have been having since i was a teenager , i am now 45 years old , since wearing irenew i have only had 3 headaches in 2 months and i have them every day . i never take it off even in the shower.

  69. All the people who are making comments about how stupid the people are who buy this are really the stupid ones!!!! First question is, Why are you even here on this site? You must have been interested in the bracelet yourself!!! Being a person who has joint problems I am here to check on what people who have ordered the bracelet and are wearing it have to say about it. Unfortunately there is a problem scrolling past all the ignorant people who post senseless remarks!!! If you don't have a comment about how the item worked or did not work for you then go and waste people's time on twitter or some stupid site like that…

    To all the people who have serious problems with their health I wish you the best and hope the bracelet works for you! I am going to order one for myself now!!!!

      • did you not see his last sentence? he said he is going to order one for himself now. How can say if it works or not if he has not got one yet?

    • trolllll!!!!!!! attack!!!!!!!!!!!!! well its obvious that your a dick sir or mam , guessin you have a mangina due to your stupidity and confusion and i find it rediculous how much of a bitch you sound like, dear satan i mean how stupid can you be , i know you have arthritis but man this shit doenst work i have severe back pain severe arthritis and half assed coordination , i got this same exact product from a health store and it did nothing and i had other fellow seniors try it and one of them had a heart attack!!!!!!

    • Hi “Hello”

      I do hope you will order the bracelet. I purchased mine in Toronto, Canada at a mall near where I live. The one I am wearing might be a different company, however a similar product. I have bought one for myself, my husband and my mom. Both my husband and I have been wearing our bracelets for a week. I would say for me, I have slight improvement with my mood, energy, sleep and my body aches. I noticed the first two days I have felt a more stronger effect. Now the effects feels slightly better. I would like to keep wearing it. My husband has problems with this legs, he does feel his legs do feel better when he walks. However, I don’t notice much improvement with his energy level. The person who did sell me them said things, I will need less rest and feel more refreshed and  energetic. I do feel I breath a bit more deeply now, I am not sleeping less hours, my mood feels slighter better. 

      I see my mom on a weekly basis and I haven’t had a chance to talk to her about the bracelets since she spends a lot time napping. My mom has quite a number of mobility issues as well. I am hoping to talk about the bracelet and see whether it can help her out. 

      I also get impression a number of people who are commenting most likely haven’t even tried the bracelet to see whether it might work out for them. I do hope if you decide to order the bracelet, you can let us know what happened. Thanks.


  70. I have had headaches every day for 2 weeks and nothing I take gets rid of it. I went to Walmart and I
    bought the irenew bracelet. I came home and adjusted it and put it on. It works guys. I hadn't taken anything today for my headache and within 20 minutes of putting on the bracelet my headache was gone. Supersticious or not I am keeping it on.

  71. Well I can begin by saying I am the biggest sceptic of all. Like others that have commented I too suffer from chronic regional pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis. I waited until it was available at Wal-Mart so I could take it back if I didn't notice anything. I have to say I have been most pleasantly suprised. I never take it off except to shower or wash my hands; wasn't sure if it was ok to get wet. Sometimes when I wash my hands I will slip it in my shirt pocket and a lot of times I will forget to put it back on. This is where I noticed the biggest difference. It takes a little while maybe thirty minutes and I will think geez I am feeling really crudy. Then I realize I don't have it on. Slip it out of my pocket and put it back on and before I take a pain pill I give myself some time to see if I feel better. IT WORKS! I have dramatically cut down on my pain medications. Definate improvement in flexability, balance and sleep. I couldn't be happier and NO it's not going back to WalMart!!

    • Thank you for your statement. I am also happy to see that you got this item at WalMart. Can you tell me what area you found it in. I would love to get this for my husband for a stocking stuffer. I do know that magnet therapy has a lot of merit to it and hope that this will work. Also not a shinny and jewlrey looking like the coper ones. My husband wouldn’t wear something that look that fancy.

    • Thanks for the good comment—I also have fibromyalgia, after reading yours, I am definately thinking then of getting one and trying it. What can I lose, because if I doesn’t work, return it.

    • I had the same experience!! I took mine off and in 15 min> my teeth hurt like hell!!Plus my ankles did also!! I deice airplanes I went up in the bucket 30ft. I noticed I had way more balance and control of the high pressure hose! The Irenew does work and works very well! I have never had much belief in the placebo effect!! I swear if you actually use it instead of blog without any experience! It will change your mind for sure!!

  72. I placed an order over 3 weeks ago and still have not received it. And I payed for the PRIORITY shipping!!! When I call customer service to ask about it, the little guy was extremely rude and asked me to be patient instead of providing me with answers. BE WARNED!!!

  73. this most likely only works due to the placebo effect, even the testamnonials are only taken about 3 seconds apart. IF they wouldve waited a few days, then done testamonials, i MIGHT have belived it. IF they could prove it was several days apart. i MIGHT belive it.

  74. I’ve had MS for ten years spending 8 of those in a wheelchair taking the most advanced medication available during that time and lemme tell you folks, I did everything and nothing worked. I was even sent to Lourde’s in France where cripples go to ‘be cured’ and didn’t do #%$^&*().

    Then, about 2 years ago I stopped taking all that Avonex and Copaxone and Betaseron and methadone every 2 hours for pain, went back to doing what I did in high school and college, smoking marijuana a couple times a day, slowly began getting more ability to walk more and more and in 6 months lost 60 lbs down to 170 and also walk practically unaided now from being wheelchair bound for years! True freaking story. Swear to God.

    Sad thing is people who are chronically ill will do just about anything they can to feel better except lose weight, stop eating cruddy foods, and then doctors get kickbacks for getting you on this med and that med and everyone feels better taking our money but US.

    Don’t fall for this %^&*(…There’s no other way it can work than the placebo effect. It just can’t. Don’t fall for it, just do everything different than you ever have and take George Costanza’s advice and do the opposite. That will PROBABLY work. THIS WON’T. Don’t make these shysters rich overnight and then for them it’s on to the next miracle cure.

    They make them so you go “well, it’s only 20 bucks so what can I lose?

    You lose 20 bucks plus shipping and handling to them times about 400 thousand and they head back to Pakistan or Russia rich scammers laughing at us all.

    • Ray, My husband has MS and is struggling to walk… Would like to know more about how you improved your health… Please contact me…

    • I to am with MS for 9 years now. Balance is terrible. Can you tell me alittle more on your symptoms and how long you have had this. I agree with your first paragraph 100%. My doctor recommended it actually

    • I think you hit the nail on the head CR, losing weight, eating healthy, taking care of your body… Read how many deseases, including diabetes, could be cured if people would just maintain a healthy weight. Anyway, you can’t fault all the bracelet folks. I mean, after all, look at all the people who bought pet rocks.. and troll dolls, and beanie babies.

      Yeah, the ad says “return for a full refund if not absolutely delighted”… less S&H which is what… 8.95? The second bracelet is free… just pay add’l S&H of 8.95… so, return the 75 cent bracelet and you’re still out 17.90. NO WAY does it cost 20 bucks to ship 2 bracelets. If you keep them, they make almost 40 bucks per person! WOW, talk about marketing success…

      I’m going to do some more research to see if anyone has reverse engineered one of these things to see what’s inside.

    • I have MS. Granted I don’t need a wheelchair and such, though I use an AFO. My balace is horrible and I have chronic fatigue and insomnia. I bought 2 I renew bracelets, and wear 1 on each arm 24/7, my balance is so bad that I personally don’t see a diffrence with it. On the other hand I feel great! I am not fatigued an have been sleeping soundly. Others have even said how good I look, and they had no idea I have been wearing the bracelets. I have been wearing them for two days and can’t wait to see how it works for me as time goes on. I say you are just mad at the world because you can’t deal with the cards you’ve been dealt. I’ll pray for you. But you should not judge lest you be judged.

    • You are wrong. Why would you tell people who are wearing these bracelets and experiencing benefits not to wear them or buy them? I have severe pain and many physical ailments, but after wearing the iRenew bracelet, I am greatly improved. I hope your attitude improves and you are able to feel good about somebody else feeling good.

  75. To all you negitive people out there, your body is a totol self producing energy field,and there are different frequencies controling different parts of it,and at all times you have radio waves shooting through your body that are not natural,from cell towers,radio stations, satilites,and other things you can’t escape it,how can you be a sceptic on a simple wriste band that is only common sense,go google some sense into you,with the access to information on search engines,theres no excuses for ignorance anymore,you think braclets are to high tech,google rife machines that will realy be over your heads, for some of you out there that have to have proof,scoot across your carpet in your socks and touch your tounge on a metal object,or buy a freekin $20 dollar wrist band wear it then your opinion will mean somthing before you slam others for being foolish wearing them,as for the comment on putting the wrist band on his truck exhaust pipe,that was a good one,I lauphed my ass off,theres a differance between humor and cruel ignorance

        • Just saying, wearing a bracelet that balances yourself (which didn’t work for me, but that’s not my point) doesn’t have to do with believing in God.

        • I firmly believe in GOD, no part of this has anything to do with GOD. This is a scam. Do magnet bracelets work??? Because thats what it is, put the front of the bracelet by a piece of steel. Do magic bracelets always atract metal??

          • Let me tell you this, I was very skeptical and understand the Placebo affect. I also did not expect it to do things that it did…wow! I wore it and really did not even try to test my strength, but I will say I took it off to get in the shower one day and my whole left side of my left hand went numb then I remembered that I had this problem everyday all the time before from a condition I believe to do with the nerves. I put it back on and in minutes my feeling came back. Yes weird but it’s your loss if you continue wasting your energy negating. You can negative the best things in your life to the worse. Hope you wisen up with the rest of the world.

          • I have magnetic bracelets for pain in my shoulder, and I can honestly say that YES, they do work.  Have you ever had chronic pain & tried it???  If not, don’t comment on something you know nothing about.

        • Dude, grow up. I have an inner ear issue and my balance is off daily. I have tried many medical and pharmaceutical failures. Buddy of mine swore by it and I told him it was BS. He got me one and bet me that if I wore it for 1 week and it didn’t help me out that he would pay my next mortgage payment.
          Well, he won. I put on this bracelet and in about an hour I had forgotten all about wearing it and when I got up out of the chair, instantly my legs felt stronger and I was well balanced. After a few more days, I can stand on one foot and move my other to out front straight and to the side like a kick and I have great balance. I also seem to feel better with more energy.

          If you need to see god than you’ll need more than this bracelet. If for those who don’t believe, then don’t buy it and keep your inexperienced mouth shut. I’m not getting paid to say this, all I did was make a bet that I lost so now I have to wear it as that was my side of the bet and anyway, I wouldn’t take it off now if you did pay me.

          I have a non threatening med. issue that medication and ear flushing couldn’t help a bit but with in one hour, I have lost my unbalanced sloppy walk. Yep, it’s for real………..

    • rofl:) omg so funny!! you make a great point. I bought one today without even researching, just $20 and if it is crap then that’s my fault for buying it. I will see how well it works. I have had it on for about 25 min’s and I feel like doing my workout, It takes my fiance pissing me off in order to want to workout. lol So I feel something:)

    • i know we have natural energy who dosent know that, i also know people have low energy its like a battery it can loose its energy and needs to be recharged,its not only mind over matter,my son ran out to wal-mart and got me one i saw it on t.v awhile ago so i put it on and in 30 seconds i felt this unbelievable sensation tingling go threw my wrist my arms threw my whole body i felt energy beyond my belief im 49yrs young i cant wait to wear this for a week my body has been threw the wringer fractured lower back the list goes on i also no that not everybody likes chocolate but everybody needs to be there own JUDGE .all body’s are different even twins may not be the same. i was so shocked how immanently charged i was, GOD is my witness im not easy to be convinced.i think im a little in shock- keep believing.

    • I had a Rife machine and I swore by it. Unfortunately, my ex-husband liked it too and along with most of any other items of value, he stole it. (sigh.) I can only tell people that we are made of energy. We vibrate at different frequencies. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes shape. (Per Einstein’s theory of relativity.) So, if life force is the most powerful energy, how can you not believe that it can be affected in both positive and negative ways? Furthermore, let’s just say this thing works on the placebo affect. I’ve met countless people who have these by various manufactureres and all swear by them. If it makes you feel better, placebo or not, what’s the risk?

  76. Hi my husband got me the iRenew bracelet as an early Christmas present and I have to say I love it he got it from Walmart and I was kinda turned away from it at first but being a paramedic a mom of 2 kids a busy wife and always on the go with chronic pain I put it on and I dont want to take it off I normally have migraines everyday but since wearing this I havent had one my back and chest dont hurt its circulating my blood a whole lot better I even feel more rested and awake then normally. I was kinda skepticle because of it being from Walmart but who would have though something so stupid can do such a dramatical change in ones life I wont go a day without it now and not to mention its my favorite color which even makes it more attractive to me there not like you usual bracelets there like those jelly ones that dont leave indents on your wrists or anything I absolutely love it and Ive been wearing it for about 24 hours now decided Id give it some time before commenting

  77. Hi my husband got me the iRenew bracelet as an early Christmas present and I have to say I love it he got it from Walmart and I was kinda turned away from it at first but being a paramedic a mom of 2 kids a busy wife and always on the go with chronic pain I put it on and I dont want to take it off I normally have migraines everyday but since wearing this I havent had one my back and chest dont hurt its circulating my blood a whole lot better I even feel more rested and awake then normally. I was kinda skepticle because of it being from Walmart but who would have though something so stupid can do such a dramatical change in ones life I wont go a day without it now and not to mention its my favorite color which even makes it more attractive to me there not like you usual bracelets there like those jelly ones that dont leave indents on your wrists or anything I absolutely love it and Ive been wearing it for about 24 hours now decided Id give it some time before commenting

  78. The irenew really works. I’ve been wearing the irenew for a little over a week and I can seriously tell the difference. And the irenew challenge works just like on tv. Its crazy

  79. First, I feel for everyone in such pain that they would try anything for relief. But they dont work. It is very obvious that this “review” site is nothing more than an advertisement for the silly money wasting bracelet. They may let a few people put negative ratings on here but they take them off regularly and add fake “good” reviews. I have had my negative review removed. About 5 times. If you watch in the balance commercial on tv, you will see the guy pull the “victim” to the side to throw them off balance, and they have been instructed to keep their spine straight. Naturally anyone would fall. But put the bracelet on and “Presto!” The guy pushes down along side of body inline WITH gravity and magically,people can balance. There was a Bozo selling these at the mall about 2 years ago. EXACT SAME BRACELET (made in China) but with a different company name. I let him use me for a “demo”, and could tell how he did the trick.The poor “desperate to sell this shit” fool made the mistake of letting me demo him in front of a crowd that was gathered. Instead of pushing down when he had the bracelet on, I pulled him sideways (like w/o bracelet) and the fat bastard fell on his ass. Needless to say, he left to find another group of suckers after that. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS SCAM! If there was even the slightest benefit to be gained, the news would be all over it, it would be regulated and it would cost helluva lot more.

  80. I bought a few months ago and it only made me feel kind of tingly when I tried it on and I wore it constantly for I have leg pain a lot and I have really bad nitemares a lot and afraid to go to sleep at nite most the time and I fight sleep just like a child would do.To me I really didnt see hardly any changes at all and the balance thing work when holden it out in front of you and I have balance problens due to inner ear nerve damage so,I feel like either I do not beleive it can work or it really does not work and I wasted 20.00 at wallmart.I even wonder if there is a certain wrist you should wear it on to make it work better,my neice told me she hope I enjoy and like my new bracelet lolls!….Marilyn

  81. E rage, i love it!
    This dumb bracelet works for me..placebo affect or not…im happy..and hey, thats all that matters.

    If you dont like it drive on :) go buy a watch to fill the void.

  82. Sooooo….if I buy the I Renew bracelet AND Copper Bracelets AND Magnetic Bracelets AND QRay Bracelets and the Quantum Jumping device I’ll what? Be flippin’ WonderHuman or something? All-powerful against another person who tries to pull me off my feet, “balanced,” whatever that means, have a changed life, etc., etc., blah blah blah?
    And I’m supposed to believe that the I Renew product is SO wonderful, that is, the producer of the bracelets believes in its’ power so much that if it fails to perform as babbled about on The Insomniac’s Delight, late night tv, I will get my money back.

    So what if I get my money back? I’ve still been ripped off if, make that WHEN the thing doesn’t work. I will have learned again that these wonderful devices are sold by people who do nothing but lie about what the devices will do.

    And if the producers think I do believe my $20 spent on a scam will be sent back to me, they’d better think again.

    Go ahead, suckers. Buy the thing. Lose your money. Be scammed, either for the first time or again.

  83. O.K. you guys, frankly I don’t care what y’all think about the bracelet. It WORK’S! I have spent many nights awake all night long. Now I sleep. I’m in the middle of a kitchen remodel and I am able to stand for hours at a time to make sure I can change my mind as the work is done. So my feelings are, if it works wear it! Trishabird

  84. I really want this braclet, but heres the thing, i dont know if it works!!!!!!! I did some research, some people say it does, some people say they feel NO diffrence. I think it just depends. I think that if u think it works thank OK. But if u just have NO CLUE than it probally wont work. I definently think IT DOSENT WORK. Only if u REALLY want it to than u can go with that!

  85. Hmmm, I can’t help but be curious as to how, exactly, this is supposed to work. I don’t believe in magic, though I believe in illusion… that’s why I like David Copperfield. I believe in science and I am thoroughly familiar with the saturation of the “ether” by electromagnetic energy… from 60 cycle energy that surrounds us in our home through radio frequency waves, radar, x-rays and beyond. Does this bracelet harness this electromagnetic field, somehow, focusing it’s energy with pinpoint precision to ensure perfect balance? Is there a micro power source that emits waves to harmonically align nerve fibers and force the spine into perfect alignment? Where is the science behind it? And lastly, considering how a simple oxygen concentrator cost’s hundreds of dollars, how can this highly sophisticated device possibly only cost 19 bucks?

    A friend, wearing the bracelet, performed the “test” on me to show me how “unbalanced” I was. I fell backwards. After putting the bracelet on and trying again, I couldn’t be swayed. I was amazed! I gave them the bracelet back. Apparently, there are residual effects as I was still steady. The next day, however, and 2 months later, the “test” failed to cause me to sidestep. How could that happen? Well, you never see them test the subject twice. The first time catches them by surprise. The second test is after the associate puts the bracelet on the subject.

    Now, are you wrong or “crazy” for dumping 20 bucks on hope? People spend a lot of money on things like chocolate, or new clothes, or nice shoes… because it makes ’em feel good. So, if it makes you feel good, wear your magic bracelet with pride.

  86. 1) You can’t call it a scam based on what the company charges for shipping, etc when YOU CAN BUY IT ELSEWHERE!
    2) I highly doubt the people posting that this thing works are being paid by anyone, so I’d believe their stories. I’m also sure it will work differently for everyone – so with anything, do the research first.
    3) The flaming in this comment thread is ignorant and immature. To those of you starting flame wars, grow up. Just because it didn’t work for you and worked for someone else is no reason to get pissed off. Grow up.

    • It likely did work but their negative frequencies just would not let it do it’s job! I mean negative to the affect of damaging!

  87. Brenda 01/02/2011 After a decline in health in mid-2007 I started falling. In November of 2007 I was admitted to the hospital with hyperthermia after falling on my bathroom floor and not being found for three days. Another hospital visit was made after falling down 14 steps with a broken ankle. A wheelchair, walker and cain supported me from 2008 on. In 2010 falls keep my walker around on a daily basis. However after seeing the iRenew commerical in June, I ordered it. What did I have to loose? I put on my iRenew barcelet and waited for awhile then stood up a couple seconds, pushed my walkers away and I have not fallin since. I’ve heard ” it’s in your head”. I don’t care if it’s in my head, it has worked for me. In the past six months I’ve lost weight, I have energy, I can get my groceries and I can go out side with my grand children. Last week I walked down those 14 steps to do my laundry, for the first time in three years.

    • I am 65 years old and in reasonably good health but a few weeks ago I fell three times in one week and was beginning to feel weak. A friend had ordered the irenew bracelet and got the extra one so he gave it to me. He said his helped him a lot and thought maybe I could benefit from one too. I put it on and have not taken it off. I have not fallen since and I do feel stronger and am able to do more now. Whether it is in my mind or not, something is helping me to regain my balance and
      strength so I will continue to wear the bracelet.

  88. What would you say would be better to order/buy this product from a local Wal-Mart, Target, k-Mart ect… or the actual website or from the number from the commercial on T.V.?

  89. My mother bought me one yesterday and even with my extreme arthritis , which usually keeps me very immobile, today however, I have been up and about, able to do tasks without the aid of a chair. I hope this continues. Thank you, Tammy

  90. The balance trick is a carnival-like scam. It all has to do with the slight variance in direction that the downward pressure is exerted upon. Slightly away from the body makes you fall, and slightly towards the body makes you more stable. Sad, but true. Anyone got anything that nullifies these obvious ‘tricks’ to make you purchase the item?

    • OK….Hummm, Let me see….
      Well, I am sorry, I just can’t find any science behind it, under it or even in front of it… No, no science at all sorry.
      Are you sure you Magic does not count ?

  91. Ok here you are placing comments on what you think people want to hear. I am about to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth so help me GOD; I have always been very athletic and pushed my body beyond what I should have for years and magnet braclets I knew by trying them were BS and have been a sceptic because of them. I am 41 and I still try and stay physical, but of course body aches every where and in places I never thought could hurt. I have kids I try and stay up with and you know the outcome; can you believe me ‘does it matter’? this thing really does work; I mean I really have not had an ache in over 72 hours. No I can’t jump farther, lift more, but damn what a difference….

  92. This bracelet is part mental and physical, im young and most of younger ppl dont need it that much, its like for ppl 30+ and for rlly sick ppl

  93. This bracelet is part mental and physical, im young and most of younger ppl dont need it that much, its like for ppl 30+ and for rlly sick ppl

  94. Like everyone else, I’m pretty skeptical. Just turned 35 this year; not old yet, but able to feel the the little aches and pains. Usually lower back pains first thing in the morning. Got the bracelet last night at walmart, put it on and went right to bed. Didn’t do any tests, or really even think about it. Till this morning. For the first night in several years I slept through the night. As I walked toward the kitchen, I noticed that I was completely pain free. About that time, I looked down and remembered the bracelet. The reason I’m so convinced is not a placebo effect is that I consciously noticed these “improvements” before I even realized I had it on. I certainly don’t understand it, but I cannot argue with my results…

  95. man-i was sceptic, i supposu like everyone else. i purchased the irenew ,put it on and believe it or not, i dont need my pain medication anymore.sounds stupid, but this thing actually works.i’m buying my girlfriend one today.ptl.

  96. This bracelet is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Every since I bought it, I have won 14 straight games of uno, found 4 pennies (head side up), and finally had my hemmroids healed after a long bout and many creams later. Not to mention, my lazy eye went straight and I could hear out of my left ear….I could before but it just seems less clogged. I can also predict the weather in Californa, Texas, and Grand Rapids, Rhode Island. My bowel movements are more regular…sometimes too regular. (sometimes you may not want to trust a fart, but this bracelet helps the streaks become smaller). I didn’t want to tell this because it’s a little too fresh, but I just walked on water, and brought my dead hamster back to life (twice). I recommend wearing this bracelet with the Harry Potter silly bands to maximize the effect (just an fyi….I cast my first spell today)

  97. I have to say i just tried it to see if i could notice anything after wearing it for 2 hours before my basketball game i have to say i felt great and played one of my best games ever didnt think it would work but trust me it did

  98. I think the bracelet is a ripoff,I recently purchased one in which the shipping and handling cost just as much as the bracelet.what a waste of money

  99. i know nobody wants to hear this but what can you get out of a couple pieces of metal and a rubber band because thats all the i ernew bracelet is

  100. I’ve been reading that the Irenew bracelet it a scam. Well, by nature, I am a skeptical person, but I did order one, I am wearing it as I type this. I don’t know if it is a scam or not, but I do know that since I’ve been wearing it, I have had more energy than before. I am not experiencing lows. I sleep better. I’m not one that is prone to psychological suggestion. If it was not working, I would definitely take it off and throw it away. I don’t know how it works, but I do know that It is working for me! “Contempt prior to investigation leaves a man in everlasting ignorance.” ~William James

  101. I have RA and I am constantly walking into walls and tripping over things. I saw the add and out of curiousity I bought the braclet about 3 weeks ago. I have no idea how this thing works but it really does. I haven’t bounced off a wall or got dizzy in the shower since I put it on. Very cool!

  102. Hi everyone i can understand that people may feel like this bracelet is a scam and that’s fine but why down people for what they believe in? I mean everyone needs something to believe in and if it helps them then what is the problem? Dont down people for what they believe in that’s just not right, i did buy one it should be here today so ill be writting to say MY experiance with it!

  103. Just bought this thing and am waiting for it to make me feel better.even it’s in my head if it works I’ll take it as I have felt rotten for so long and have had so many medical issues. Hope I can prove the skeptics wrong.

  104. Meditate on this. It works and it’s a fact. It is only the tip of the iceberg but it’s a move in the right direction.

    • It is too bad you feel that way. May I ask is it not logic that is used everyday in the medical field? The same field that has had thousands of commercials about a product “cure” that supposedly healed you a year earlier. Logic, yeah it has the done the whole world a whole lot of good. i am one for logic but not the blind foolish kind.

  105. i feel it has worked i feel better and focus and sleep better just keep it on all the time , got one for my daughter her back hurt felt better since she wears it trying to covince my sister to get it right now she rather buy herbal medication to sleep insteat hope she changes her mind

  106. I ordered one for my 90 year old Daddy. I have not received it yet, but thought I would see if it worked for others. It seems those that actually used the product, liked it so I am happy I bought it for my Daddy.

    Those of you that made a negative response, did not say they used the products. Alternative health care does work. Although I haven’t tried this yet. I feel it just might. It is worth $27.00 for 2 just to see ( plus can send it back if it doesn’t)

    Thanks to all that bought it and said it worked for them

    • The fake responses always thank the people who like the product because they’re all in on it together. Real people would not care whether random people love the damn product. I have bad balance due to nerve and muscle problems, and was hoping to find an easy solution like this. It truly does seem like complete bull based on the reviews that aren’t planted on this particular site. This is one big advertisement that is not so cleverly disguised.

      • Paranoid much? It seems quite amusing that all of the negative comments, are coming from negative and angry personalities that obviously lack in self control. I don’t believe anything would work for any of you, with the exception of a lobotomy.

  107. I found this bracelet for $4.00 on sale, so I figured what the heck I will try it. It was THE WORST $4 I have ever spent, I felt absolutely no different, the bracelet broke within a week of my purchase, and upon closer inspection, I found it is only a thin piece of metal wrapped around a rubber band. Useless and a Crock!!!

  108. I bought the bracelet and it works for me. Bottom line, it works. I have too many joint problems
    and a lot of fatigue. Whether it is a mind thing or not, for 19.95 it works for me and I gave the free one to my husband. If people are so sure it does not work, why not report it to the company. That is the problem with anything….people want to complain, but don’t take the next step to resolve it at the source. The company has a moneyback guarantee. So, those who say it don’t work, get your money back or shut up about it. I know it works.

  109. Most fun I’ve ever had reading reviews on a product. I loved the tailpipe guy & the guy who spoke with god. Am still laughing like an idiot. Guess I won’t be investing in a bracelet.

  110. I have been suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome for over 1 year. I bought the iRenew and have been wearing it for a day. I have noticed that I have less pain,

  111. These are available on e-bay for 10.00 with 1.99 S&H in colors too! Just got my purple one this am. Will let you know how it goes. If it doesn’t work I got a pretty purple bracelet. No loss.

  112. I bought the IRENEW BRACELET. It didn’t do a damn thing for me. They claim 100% guaranteed or your money back. 2 bracelets cost me $19.95, but the shipping and handling was $15.90. The actual cost would be about $3-$4 tops. So if a million people try and all of them sent it back, the company would make $10,000,000.00. Most American’s and people in general will not bother sending it back to get their $19.99 back. Which would be $17 after your cost for shipping I believe it is 100% scam. Made in Japan, they probably make them for no more than $1.00 per unit. I don’t know how they sleep at night, Actually they sleep pretty good on 5,000 thread count sheets and Double Tree pillows. I feel like a fool for buying them and I know now that I overpaid for shipping and I want to put this out there for as many people as possible. Hope you didn’t read this after buying, like me. I was desperate for pain relief and other help from the claims they make.



    New Mexico

  113. I swear by this bracelet! I lost it for two days and felt so tired and motivated. I was so sad j thought I lost it. I’ve had it for 6 weeks now and only take it off to shower. It is truly amazing and does everything it claims. Maybe it’s all in my head but regardless, I will continue to wear it and be by new happy, smiling self! I bought my mother one for Mother’s Day and she loves her too!!!

  114.  My mother has bought these. She loves it and swears by it! She was telling my uncle about it and he hasnt had any luck finding them where he lives. She gave him hers and he absolutely loves it. He has a camper that has a step in it and everytime he would step up he’d have to brace himself on the wall. Now he says he doesnt have to do that and he feels much better. I have one and I admit I dont wear it very often. I am going to put it back on. By the way, The BEST place to purchase these is on EBAY!! Mom spent $20 a piece in the store for hers. There are MANY online for under $5. CHECK IT OUT!!!

  115. i would like to try the bracelet but,i never got the chance they took my money back in jan.of this year and i have yet to recieve my bracelets.can any one out there give me any idea as to how i can contact some one about getting my bracelets?

  116. hmmm, 20 bucks eh?  Well time for some math…  19.95 +7.95 (s+h) + 9.99 (surcharge, for what I wonder) = 37.89 ..  Oh yes, + whatever taxes are applicable for where you live.  Wait the believers say… “you get 2” well ok, 37.89 + 7.95 = 45.84 + applicable taxes.  Wonder if that 9.99 is added twice.  What these scammers count on is that most people will say these bracelets are only 10 dollars each, how can I go wrong?  Well, no they are actually 25 dollars each (after taxes) and I bet these things have an actual cost measured in pennies, and cost about 2 bucks to ship anywhere.

    When you see one of these buy one get the second free deals you have to wonder about the actual “value” of one.  The TV add says athletes pay ‘hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for this “technology” well,  they must be complete idiots when the deal they are offering you is for 10 bucks?  They never say which athletes paid all that cash because they would be sued for all they were worth for defamation of character.

    Maybe if I saw one in Walmart for 10 bucks I may buy one just for the H of it, but no way am I gonna pay 50 !!   

  117. i was skeptical but bought one anyway at k mart. after wearing for on day i felt nothing. so i thought this is the biggest scam so i took it off and put it on the table but almost immedietly after i took it off i felt a pain on my liver side, a sharp pain on my forhead, and toppled to my right side i swear to God. I havent taken if off since i think ill try it again

  118. I really wanted product reviews.  What a wast of my time reading all the crap  people feel the need to post on here.

  119. Ok I have been suffering from tendonitis for the last month. I found this EFX bracelet at a garage sale. I hate gimmicks of any kind . But I have never tried something like this.So for 15$  why not . I had it on for about a half hr and my shoulder felt a little better and now its been on for two hrs and I really notice a difference. So it does work!! No bullshit. Weather its all in my head I dont care.But it sure beats eating pain killers. I think it would be a great gift for anyone

  120. My daughter and I were willing victims to the balance tests using the Trion Z bracelets at a  shopping centre kiosk. We were definitely impressed with the results but I resisted the impulsive urge to purchase a couple of them before doing further research. Lo and behold, after reading numerous articles the conclusion I came too was this phenomena could be demonstrated using any magnet.  So off to the fridge I went, plucked off two very small ladybug magnets and we repeated the same demos used on us and guess what??/ Same results!!!!  I just saved $70 and tomorrow we’re heading down to the DollarStore, purchasing some cheap bracelets, cheap magnets and voila, we’ve got our very own ionic bracelets.   Ta-da, do your homework people!

  121. It always sounds rational and intelligent if you are a skeptic.

    Perhaps, that is the logic the skeptics applied when they rejected the concept of aeroplanes  and ships. It is rational to think that metal  can not fly or float as it is heavier than air and water, but is it the truth?

    There are higher principles of science, and if we do not know, we should say that we are ignorant about it or we can’t say. That is more rational.

  122. You have to be retarded if you believe the iRenew does anything but cost you $20.  I hope your health improves from the $20 no longer burning a hole in your pocket.  Really?  A bracelet that magically improves health and restores your “natural frequencies” and improves your “biofield”?  What does that even mean?  This product has NO empirical evidence of any kind.  You are being scammed if you believe this product works;  hell I will sell you some magic rocks to put under your pillow for $20 if you are dumb enough to believe such a thing exists.  I have never spent a dime on anything “as shown on TV.”  Why?  Because every single product like that is junk.  Have you ever bought a product that even lived up to a fraction of what it claims, or didn’t break within the first year of use?  Keep shopping at wal-mart for your super sweet “as seen on tv” products you sheep. 

  123. You have to be retarded if you believe the iRenew does anything but cost you $20.  I hope your health improves from the $20 no longer burning a hole in your pocket.  Really?  A bracelet that magically improves health and restores your “natural frequencies” and improves your “biofield”?  What does that even mean?  This product has NO empirical evidence of any kind.  You are being scammed if you believe this product works;  hell I will sell you some magic rocks to put under your pillow for $20 if you are dumb enough to believe such a thing exists.  I have never spent a dime on anything “as shown on TV.”  Why?  Because every single product like that is junk.  Have you ever bought a product that even lived up to a fraction of what it claims, or didn’t break within the first year of use?  Keep shopping at wal-mart for your super sweet “as seen on tv” products you sheep. 

  124. Has anyone here heard of the man tesla, well actually we all should, but we dont. He invented AC electricity the stuff we all use today, edision invented dc electricity. What does this have to do with this band and others like it, well mr genius tesla also took upon him to research scalar energy which he found existed all around us, he also new that different frequencies affected the human body, so he had a small copper coil put inside a watch to counteract these negative changes, and this was 100 years ago. Do research guys on this man no one seems to know, are you going to call him and idiot, after all he invented Ac electricity, infared remote, fluro light bulb, electric motor, and dozens of other things. Tell yourself what did you invent, then call this guy a fool as well. Cheers Chris

  125. As a follow up to my first msg here, i can see a lot of ignorance. Go to the website teslartech and you will see and read up on what i had posted earlier. The teslar watch which i said was invented 100 years ago by the man who founded AC electricity  had a cooper winding inside to cancel out all the high energy freqencies that would soon be around us, after all he was inventing most of them, LOL so who would know better. Also do a google on tesla inventions and like me you will be angry about all the stuff he has invented and yet here in australia and the world he has not been taught in schools. We know nothing about this technology and dont even go there with a debate,  Google his inventions and his research and dont  even try to put ourselves on par with this great man. These devices power bands, chi energy disc copper by the way, bio energy disc energy bracelett there all over the internet now, all operate at different frequencies puting of scalar at different frequencies that balance us, and tesla knew of this all that time ago, a little sad that most people here are just that stupid,  if all i have said still confuses you then just go back to your boring little life. Use the internet to educate yourself, my dad told me as a kid he had heard only a little of this great man and hes now 75. As i said research tesla and you will be shocked like i, then realise even debating this here we are all out of our league on this topic. Chris

  126. Back again, i forgot to tell you that when you do research about what i said, you will also find out that tesla invented the radio, whats that you say marconi did, overthrown in the courts in the 30s and was awarded to tesla. As i said research guys and you will find this out. What a great mind, and man.

  127. I didn’t believe the I Renew would work because I have seen all kinds of magnetic bracelets and shoe inserts and everything else and all of these have proven totally ineffective for me and were a consummate waste of money and time.

    I am pleased to report that the I Renew bracelet does not all into this category.  I purchased one just to try it out and see what it might or might not do.  I am 73-years-old and very athletic for my age as it is (Bicycle rider, walker, hiker, weight lifter.)

    The first day, I noticed a dynamic increase in personal energy, a heightened sense of euphoric well-being and I was able to do my 12 mile hybrid bike ride with a lot less huffing and puffing than ordinary.  Then I slept for the first time in years without waking up at various times throughout the night.  My appetite is also under control for the first time in a long time.

    In my imagination?  Who cares?  It is one of the best Ten Dollar bills (Drugstore) that I have spent in quite some time.  I am sold and I am hooked..

  128. has anyone experianced any negative effects….i bought 5 of these yesturday for the family and myself and my daughter feel like crap…totally drained and weak….and extremely tired

  129. I am doing a science research paper on energy bracelets, and I am writing through it with a biased and an unbiased approach. This site has definitely had to have been the most interesting site to look at. I laughed so hard a few times there. I believe in natural remedies, herbal medications, and all that good stuff. I also am a science major and have to look at things a different way. I need the the proof, so to speak. I also have taken Psych classes, which have made me understand much of what most people are talking about here”the plecebo effect.” It’s mind over matter! I believe that if a product like this can actually make some people feel better physically and emotionally, without the use of pain medications and antidepressants-then why not promote it? The way things are today people need “ANY” positive things they can get in their lives. Thanks for laughs, and the actual reviews, it helled a lot.

  130. a helpful article
    By Susan Salisbury Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
    Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
    Posted: 9:13 p.m. Friday, Nov. 5, 2010Can wearing a rubber bracelet with a metal insert give you more energy? The television commercials that tout the magical powers of the iRenew Energy Balance Bracelet say After more than 100 consumer complaints, the Better Business Bureau has issued a word of caution about the bracelet made in China and an “F” rating to the company that markets it.Bill Smith, a trade practice investigator with the Better Business Bureau in St. Louis, said people who bought the bracelet said it did nothing to improve their balance. Many were senior citizens. Others said they were frustrated by overbilling, slow delivery and failed attempts to obtain refunds from the Massachusetts-based company that markets the bracelets.A 62-year-old breast cancer survivor from Wyoming who has balance problems told the BBB, “I wouldn’t tell anybody to buy it. I’ve tried it several times. It’s not doing anything.”The bracelets are sold on a “buy one get one free” basis for $19.99 plus non-refundable shipping and handling of $7.95 for each. So, the bill for two totals $35.89. Even if it is returned, the company keeps $15.90.The iRenew website states that biofield is a new term adopted by the National Institutes of Health that “describes a growing body of research purportedly showing a subtle human energy field that permeates and extends beyond the physical body. The National Institutes of Health, a federal research agency, said in a recent report that energy medicine practitioners believe there is “an energy or life force that flows throughout the body,” but that the existence of biofields has not been scientifically proven.”If a consumer is really looking there are a lot of caution flags there,” Moore said. “Consumers should be very wary and cautious concerning the claims that are made with this product.”

  131. I’m going through for a Kin degree and can’t believe that people are falling for this… “biofield?” really… how embarrasing is that. This has been proven a lie just like the Q ray and many before it. You know what makes you feel better, eating right and exercise, but todays society is just too lazy for that, they want to put on a bracelet and bam all healed. Give me a break people, take it off and stop feeding these sleezeballs your hard earned money. It is proven it’s false, the “tests” they do are complete lies, it’s all about angles and pressure. It’s actually scary to think that people fall for this and you seriously need actual help if you “need” this to live. It is a SCAM! it’s been proven a SCAM! don’t feed the scam artist. I know one of their “specialists” they have working in the mall in my town. He is a highschool dropout who I don’t think I’ve ever seen off drugs. He lives with his mother and has been arrested multiple times. But he is a health specialist who can conduct these special tests… GIVE ME A BREAK! It really scares me that people make millions off suckers who think it’s real. Get real help, go outside and eat healthy and the benifits will be far greater than weating a rubber band.

  132. I’m wearing it for like 3 or 4 hours now and it seems that it’s already working.. in terms of no fatigue, clear mind and energy boost. It might be Placebo, except I don’t care anyways since it seems it has worked for me. Well, I’m not 90 or even close, still…

  133. I bought one of those peice of shit bracelets for every member of my family. they are supposedly made to help with balence, and energy. these things dont work worth crap, the other day i was taking a shit on the toilet and when the last log came out i fell off the toilet. then  my mom tried out the theory that these bracelets help with balence so she walked on the rail of th bridge a few miles away from my house and she fell off and drowned in the river……. R.I.P Mom

  134. Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definitely be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment. Thanks for sharing.

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