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Police Powers For Sale


RINF Alternative News  Critics fear the creation of a private police force in Cambridge as companies bid for police powers.  The two private security companies, GSL Dardan and Combined Service Provider, are currently bidding for authority over Cambridge’s traffic management. This ...

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Villagers and Activists Unite in UK Fight Against Fracking

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800 people for supper on Saturday night and a Sunday of marching and direct action planning are all part of the workings at the growing ‘climate camp’ near the town of Balcombe in West Sussex, England. Determined to halt fracking ...

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Community Uprising Puts Fracking Company on Its Heels in the UK

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Anti-fracking protest in Balcombe, August 14, 2013 (Source: The Independent / Rex) What does it take to drive an unwanted gas drilling operation out a town? Whether its ultimately successful or not, campaigners and residents in at least one town ...

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British Library Network Blocks ‘Hamlet’ For ‘Violent Content’

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The use of Web blocks — usually “for the children” — is becoming depressingly common these days.

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Cameron urged to break up UK coalition

Graham Brady (r) and Bernard Jenkin say the Conservatives need ‘at least six months’ apart from the Lib Dems to win voters™ confidence. Senior members of Britain™s ruling Conservatives party will urge Prime Minister David Cameron to break up coalition ...

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UK government set on deeper cuts to welfare

By Julie Hyland 20 July 2013 Britain’s Conservative Party has set out plans to escalate the government’s assault on welfare. Earlier this week, Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps said unemployed parents should only receive benefit for their first two children, ...

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UK police taser chests despite warnings


British police officers have fired taser guns hundreds of times at people's chests despite warnings by the weapons manufacturer that the act can cause cardiac arrest.

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Homelessness tops 5-year high in UK


A new report says homelessness in northern England has witnessed a 42 percent increase in just one year, with the homeless choosing to live in a network of disused sandstone caves near the town centre of Stockport, Greater Manchester.

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Did UK face mil. coups in 1960’s-70’s?

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Coups d'état are generally headline grabbers and considered peculiarities of the less developed nations in the west, including in Britain, yet western media and governments do not refer to some of them as coups and choose complete silence about others.

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UK Labour raps PM on ‘crashing’ econ.


British Labour leader Ed Miliband has lambasted British Prime Minister David Cameron on his government's economic policies, especially the falling living standards.

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