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What you knew all along: Powerful criminal syndicate inside Bank of England


A powerful criminal syndicate with links to money laundering, assassinations and terrorism infiltrated the Bank of England (BoE), a damning new report has revealed. The scandal was uncovered by BuzzFeed News on Thursday, following an investigation into how the UK’s criminal underworld ...

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Galloway to rejoin Labour if Corbyn elected as party leader


Former British MP George Galloway says he is ready to rejoin the Labour Party if Jeremy Corbyn is elected as its leader. Asked if he would rejoin a Corbyn-led party, he said: “Definitely. Pretty damn quick. And I think hundreds ...

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These rabbis prove criticism of Israel’s campaign of terror is NOT anti-semitic


A group of 30 rabbis has criticized the “unjust” demolition of Palestinian homes in the West Bank in a letter to Israel’s outgoing ambassador to the UK. The British Friends of Rabbis for Human Rights spoke out against the impending ...

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Cameron refuses another Scottish Referendum


The British Prime Minister David Cameron says he will not hold another referendum on Scotland while he is in power. UK Prime Minister David Cameron has said there is no need for another referendum on Scottish independence, emphasizing that no ...

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Corrupt Cameron says ‘Dirty money not welcome in Britain’. Stop laughing, I’m not making this up


White-collar criminals who launder billions by buying luxury UK properties must be tackled, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Tuesday. Experts warn these fraudsters are distorting the UK property market and pushing up house prices in the process. Cameron’s criticism ...

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London Underground serial killer ‘covered up’ by Home Office, former detective claims


A former detective claims Scotland Yard covered up the case of a self-confessed serial killer who pushed up to 18 people to their deaths on the London Underground during the 1970s. Retired Scotland Yard Detective Geof Platt said the cases ...

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UK undercover policing under scrutiny


A public inquiry into undercover policing is to be launched in England and Wales on Tuesday. The inquuiry comes following a request to review claims that an undercover police officer had infiltrated the network of the family and friends of the ...

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‘UK parliament computers click porn sites over 20,000 times a month’


Newly revealed data shows UK parliament computers visited pornographic websites at least 247,000 times last year, according to a Freedom of Information (FOI) query. The FOI report says the visits to X-rated websites from the UK parliament’s computer network saw ...

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Scotland Yard police station converted into £10,000 per night luxury hote


London’s Scotland Yard police station, site of the original Jack the Ripper investigations, is to be converted into a £10,000 per night luxury hotel in a £110 million deal involving UK property developer Galliard and the Dubai-based LuLu group. The ...

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Anti-war politician building momentum for Labour leadership


Jeremy Corbyn’s candidacy ‘takes on a much wider significance, because it can be part of rebuilding a left committed to social movements,’ says Stop the War Coalition by Deirdre Fulton Veteran UK politician Jeremy Corbyn, a 66-year-old left-winger whose stances against ...

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22 percent of US children live in poverty: Report


Nearly one in four children is living in poverty in the United States, a higher percentage compared to the poverty rate during the Great Recession in the late 2000s, according to a new report by a child advocacy group. About ...

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Police falling short of child protection


Major improvements are needed to child protection in the UK, according to Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC). South Yorkshire police have been urged to make serious changes to improve child protection, just three years following the Rotherham child sex ...

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​British ex-MEP jailed for 5 years over expenses fraud


A former UKIP MEP has been jailed for five years at South London’s Southwark Crown Court for unlawfully claiming almost £500,000 worth of expenses from the European Parliament (EP). Ashley Mote, 79, of Hampshire, southern England, submitted false claims for ...

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"UK systems highly tinted with colonialism"


UK economic and political systems are highly tinted with colonialism deeply rooted in the country’s history an expert told Press TV. Societal Affairs Analyst and Social Justice Practitioner Explo Nani-kofi referred to the recent investigation into racist views of UK police ...

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US should hang NSA leaker Edward Snowden: Former senator


The United States should publicly hang National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden if he is captured by the US government, according to a former Republican senator. “We need to hang him on the courthouse square as soon as we ...

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​Slavery victims abandoned by UK govt face further abuse, exploitation

uk-2 (1)

Traumatized human trafficking survivors, abandoned by the government, are at high risk of being lured back into the clutches of criminals, a new report reveals. Thereport, published by The Human Trafficking Foundation (HTF) on Monday, shows victims freed from “modern ...

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Cameron sets out plan against ‘extremism’


British Prime Minister David Cameron has outlined a new five-year government strategy to tackle what he termed as extreme ideology. Cameron said that “the root cause of the threat” Britain faces “is the extremist ideology itself.” He also said the ...

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Young Brits in foster care not being looked after


Vulnerable young people leaving foster care are not being adequately taken care of, according to Whitehall’s spending watchdog. New data shows a third of those aged 16 or over who left foster homes or residential care did so before their ...

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British pilots take part in anti-ISIL bombing campaign in Syria


A number of British pilots have secretly taken part in anti-ISIL bombing campaign in Syria despite a 2013 parliamentary vote against any military action in the war-hit Arab nation. Human rights group, Reprieve, reveals that service personnel acted under auspices ...

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British authorities plan to release prisoners who study behind bars


Prisoners who study hard whilst imprisoned could be eligible for early release under new plans by justice secretary, Michael Gove. In what is being described as the first major speech on prison policies, Gove suggests inmates who work towards gaining ...

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In it together? Slimey 10% pay rise approved for British MPs while people starve


MPs will receive a pay rise from £67,060 to £74,000 which will be backdated to May 8, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (ISPA) has announced. The rise of 10 percent has been approved despite fierce criticism from MPs and the ...

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Thatcher made secrecy pact with Saudi king over ‘corrupt’ arms deal


Margaret Thatcher promised Saudi Arabia secrecy ahead of a £43 billion arms deal thought to have been blighted by corruption, newly-released documents reveal. The papers uncover correspondence between Saudi and British public figures and officials involved in the Yamamah deal ...

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Violence, self-harm rife in UK prisons amid continued govt cuts


Violence has reached new heights in prisons across England and Wales, as increasing numbers of jails are characterized by staff cuts, overcrowding and failed rehabilitation practices, Britain’s chief inspector of prisons warns. In his annual report published on Tuesday, Nick ...

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​End regressive, ‘stupid’ war on drugs, campaigners tell Cameron


Families of people who have died or been imprisoned due to UK drug legislation handed a letter to Number 10 on Tuesday, as the House of Lords debated Britain’s new Psychoactive Substances Bill. The relatives connected as part of the Anyone’s ...

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Londoner arrested for ‘abstracting electricity’ on train


A man has been arrested in London for charging his phone using a socket on a London Overground train. Robin Lee, a 45 year old artist from North London, was handcuffed and arrested for abstracting electricity. Lee was then also ...

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Cameron considers plan to have workers fund sick pay


David Cameron is considering new plans to make workers save their own money to fund their sick pay, Downing Street has confirmed. The controversial idea, first suggested by the Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, is an attempt to ...

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‘NHS failing elderly patients’


A report conducted by academics has revealed that one in three patients over the age of 65 in hospitals are treated with sub standard care with those who are blind or deaf receiving the worst care. The study was conducted ...

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‘Draconian’ new strike legislation could bankrupt Labour – union chiefs


Union bosses have accused the government of attempting to starve the Labour party of funds, as the Conservative Party unveils the biggest crackdown on trade union rights Britain has seen since 1985. Legal reforms proposed by the majority Conservative government ...

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‘Modern slavery survivors abandoned by UK govt.’


A new report in the UK reveals survivors of abuse in modern day slavery are not looked after by the government and are exposed to homelessness, thus becoming an easier target for traffickers. According to the report titled ‘Life beyond ...

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Tories backtrack on plans for English votes for English laws


The Conservative government has postponed the controversial plans for English votes for English laws until at least September. British Prime Minister David Cameron had promised voters to implement the plans in his first 100 days in office. The decision to ...

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New budget plan to make low-income workers worse-off


A British economic think-tank has warned that the new budget plan introduced by the Tory government will negatively affect the low-income workers. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (ISF) said George Osborne’s new “living wage” will fail to compensate poor households ...

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Police criticized for not suspending officer facing charges


Scotland Yard has been criticized for failing to suspend a police officer after he was charged with perjury over evidence he gave at the inquest into the death of a man in custody. Sgt Paul White, who gave evidence at ...

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Barclays sacks chief executive Antony Jenkins in row over strategy


British multinational banking and financial services company, Barclays, has ousted its chief executive Antony Jenkins. Antony Jenkins was fired after a long running disagreement with the board over how the bank should be run. It is thought the board were ...

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Britain marks 10th anniversary of 7/7 bombings


As Britons mark the 10th anniversary of London bombing, rights activists say the deepening plight of British Muslims has gone unnoticed in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks. A minute of silence was observed in the UK to mark the ...

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Terminally ill benefit claimants asked when they are expected to die


The terminally ill claiming state benefits in Britain are being asked their expected time of death, according to the elected chairman of the work and pensions select committee. Frank Field, who has contacted the work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan ...

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Protest near Birmingham ‘closes factory for Israel drones’


A pro-Palestinian demonstration in the UK has shut down a factory near Birmingham, which makes drones for Israel, reports say. Hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists along with other protesters rallied around the UAV Engines plant at Shenstone, near Lichfield, north of Birmingham ...

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​High Court: 100s of asylum seekers, torture victims CAN sue UK govt for illegal detention


A landmark High Court ruling has paved the way for hundreds of torture victims who were illegally detained by the British government to sue the state for damages. Asylum seekers who were forced to flee sexual violence and torture in ...

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Met failing to protect children online


UK police is facing a massive challenge in protecting children online. The Metropolitan Police’s commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said, police are only “skimming the surface” in this area. Hogan-Howe went further adding that there are real logistical problems when it ...

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Kuwaiti Man in UK arrested for taking Selfie


 A Kuwaiti man has been arrested on “suspicion of terrorism” after taking a selfie.  38-year-old Kuwaiti tourist Nasser Al-Ansari was using his mobile to film a snapchat video of himself outside the Churchill shopping centre in Brighton, when police arrested ...

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Young students “mental breakdown” over UK exams


Young students, aged 10 and 11, are going in to “complete meltdown” over exams in the UK Children as young as 10  are suffering from stress, anxiety and mental health problems as they go in to “complete meltdown” over exams ...

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British patients to be fined for missing NHS appointments


The government is planning to take action to ensure people take responsibility for the precious NHS resources by charging patients for missing their appointments. However, the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt said that although the government favours this idea and has ...

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Child sex abuse investigations ‘inadequate’ – police watchdog


Police investigations into allegations of historical child sex abuse have been branded “inadequate” in a new report, which claims more than one-third of such inquiries are substandard. Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary’s latest report found the police response to 38 ...

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Police criticized for poor handling of child abuse investigation


Some analysts blame the British police for deliberately mismanaging child sexual abuse cases after a recent report found that about 38% of their investigations were inadequate. “In many cases, children are rarely believed when they report to the police. It is clear from ...

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British govt. scraps target for child poverty eradication ahead of tax credits cut


The British government has announced plan to scrap measures aimed at eradicating 2020 child poverty target before the cut in tax credits. The official measure has so far defined that a child is being considered in poverty if it is in a household ...

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Survey: Students forced into taboo trade to make ends meet


A new study shows that an increasing number of British students are forced into adult work, gambling and other taboo trades to make their ends meet. According to a survey by Save the Student, a student financial advice website, nearly ...

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Government policies denying children of rights


A new report for the United Nations has found that the British government’s policies are stripping children of their rights. The UK’s first full review of children’s commissioners expressed “serious concerns” about children’s accessibility to justice in the courts and ...

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GCHQ unit involved in manipulating citizens’ behavior via internet – report


(RT) – When not busy with counterterrorism operations, a secretive unit of the UK’s GCHQ spy agency reportedly helps traditional law enforcement and is engaged in manipulating public opinion via the internet, new documents reveal. Documents published by the Intercept demonstrate ...

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British politician to stand in the dock over child sex abuse


In the UK, Labour peer Greville Ewan Janner is set to stand trial over alleged child sex abuses. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has announced the decision which overturns a previous ruling that exempted the 89-year-old peer from criminal proceedings ...

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Cuadrilla fracking application rejected by Lancashire Council


(RT) – Lancashire County Council has unanimously voted to reject a planning application for fracking in the region. Residents and environmentalists, who have been protesting throughout the council’s two-day meeting, welcomed the news. The county council’s Development Control Committee refused Cuadrilla’s ...

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‘Unlawful, structurally unfair’ fast-track asylum system scrapped in Court of Appeal


Britain’s Court of Appeal has suspended the controversial detained fast-track (DFT) system, which imprisons thousands of asylum seekers each year while they appeal rulings. The High Court ruled the process was unlawful on June 12, but put a “legal stay” ...

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‘Tory ‘right to buy’ policy threatens UK homes’


British media reports suggest the Conservative government’s ‘right-to-buy’ policy threatens mass selloffs of Britain’s council homes. During last month’s election campaign, PM David Cameron promised to give 1.3 million people living in council houses the right to buy their homes. ...

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Government ‘must step in to pay for Rotherham sex abuse probe’


A Rotherham MP has urged the Government to foot the bill of up to £15 million for the National Crime Agency’s criminal probe into the town’s child sexual exploitation scandal. Officials from the agency dubbed the British FBI said on ...

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British police forcibly drag disabled protesters out of parliament


British police forces have clashed with disabled protesters, pushing them out of the Houses of Parliament. The protesters were trying to make their way into Prime Minister’s Questions, a constitutional convention held every Wednesday, when clashes broke out. As David Cameron ...

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Queen to get nearly £43mn from Treasury


Queen Elizabeth II is set to receive 42.8 million pounds from the Treasury in the 2016-2017 financial year. The amount is nearly £12m more than the Queen received in 2012. In the meantime, the British taxpayers will pay an extra ...

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Police refused to warn public about child grooming gangs


West Midlands Police knew five years ago that Asian grooming gangs were targeting children outside schools across the city – but failed to make the threat public. Documents obtained by the Birmingham Mail show the force were aware pupils were ...

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Tory cuts plunge families further into poverty


 Experts have warned against British government’s plans to cut tax credits and other working-age benefits, saying they will be “extremely unfair” on low-income households. The Tory government is set to enforce £12bn of welfare cuts. Prime Minister David Cameron insists that ...

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‘40% of UK university students say courses worthless’


In Britain, as many as four in 10 university students, who have paid an increased tuition fee, believe their courses were not worth the money they had to pay for. Just over half of the students polled in a BBC ...

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250,000 demonstrate against austerity in London

The Peoples' Assembly demonstration at Parliament Square

Via WSWS. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license. A quarter of a million people took part in an anti-austerity demonstration in London on Saturday, according to the event’s organisers, the People’s Assembly. Media accounts ...

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The system is at war with itself: British Government threatens to close BBC


British Prime Minister David Cameron has reportedly threatened to shut down the state-funded British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) over its biased coverage of the latest general election in the European country. Cameron threatened to “close down” the broadcaster in a bid to ...

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Some 40 people hurt in UK park chemical leak


Some 40 people have been treated in the UK following a chemical leak at a holiday park swimming pool. Emergency services were called to the Wild Duck Holiday Park in Belton near Great Yarmouth in Norfolk on Sunday at 14:35 ...

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British Government will cause loss of 30,000 NHS nurses


Some 30,000 nurses in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) face layoffs over the Conservative government’s immigrant laws which threaten a staffing crisis. British media reports say non-EU staff on less than £35,000 after six years in the country are ...

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UK’s child poverty rate heading towards largest hike: Experts


Child poverty rate in Britain is reportedly heading towards its largest increase in a generation, reversing over a decade of progress that began in the late 1990s, leading independent experts say. The bleak projection emerged Saturday just before the release ...

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UK is ‘biggest tax haven in EU,’ says global tax expert


(RT) – British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies make up almost 25 percent of the world’s tax havens blacklisted by the European Commission. The Commission published its blacklist on Wednesday as part of its Action Plan for Fair and Efficient ...

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British campaigners demand cuts to queen expenses


British campaigners demand a review of the queen’s finances after reports that royal spending will not face cuts for at least another couple of years. Anti-monarchy activists urge cuts to Queen Elizabeth II’s multi-million-pound annual income in line with the ...

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War veterans oppose recruitment of minors


British war veterans launch a campaign against enlisting 16-year-olds into the military.  While Britain is current the only state in Europe or NATO that enlists minors, a policy criticized by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, the ...

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Tony Blair attends Russian economic forum, days after receiving Ukrainian job offer

blair.si (1)

(RT) – Tony Blair appeared at the St Petersburg Economic Forum in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s hometown on Friday, where the former UK prime minister advised business leaders on ways they could improve their performance. His appearance on the panel came ...

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‘Fatally flawed’ Bank of England stress tests peddle myth of financial security – report


(RT) – Bank of England (BoE) stress tests of Britain’s banking sector are “fatally flawed” and peddle the myth that the financial system is secure, a report by the Adam Smith Institute says. The report, published Thursday, was authored by Professor of ...

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London marches against austerity


(RT) – Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of London on Saturday in the UK’s biggest anti-austerity rally for years to oppose the new Tory government’s program of social benefit cuts and privatization. A reported 250,000 attended the ...

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MoD confirms Britain is arming Saudi Arabia in Yemen conflict


(RT) – Britain’s Ministry of Defence has confirmed it is providing technical support and arming Saudi Arabia in its ongoing war against Yemen, RT has learned. An MoD spokesperson said the UK’s assistance to Saudi Arabia includes providing “precision guided weapons,” but added ...

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British Government Push GPs to Open 7 Days a Week


The UK government is hoping to negotiate a new deal with GPs if they agree to open for seven days. Problems surrounding waiting times for members of the public to get appointments has been debated and questioned for quite some ...

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UK accused of ditching freedom of information requests


The British government has been accused of breaching Freedom of Information Act by enforcing a system that automatically deletes emails sent from Downing Street. Transparency activists say the system has been implemented to prevent information from being released to the ...

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‘Nigerian slaves’ face sexual exploitation in UK


Hundreds of people from Nigeria are being illegally trafficked to the United Kingdom facing severe sexual exploitation among other horrific exploits. Figures show that in 2014 there were 2000 victims of trafficking that were referred to the authorities, of which ...

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‘Tory government playing English card’


Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has accused the Conservative-led government of pushing the country towards collapse by playing “the English card”. Brown warns the country remains on “life support” because Prime Minister David Cameron has given up saving the 308-year-old ...

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Official report wants British spy agencies to retain intrusive powers


A new official report suggests the UK intelligence agencies should be allowed to keep mass spying activities including its metadata gathering powers. In a 373-page report published on Thursday, official reviewer of counter-terrorism laws has also proposed some changes saying ...

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British filmmakers want Israeli film festival banned


Several film makers including  Ken Loach, Mike Leigh and Peter Kominsky have urged the Curzon and Odeon Cinema and Bafta to stop screenings for an Israeli film festival that is set to open this week. Seret 2015 is title of ...

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British parliament votes in favor EU exit referendum


British parliament members have overwhelmingly voted in favor of plans to hold a referendum on the UK’s membership in the European Union. Following a lengthily debate, the EU Referendum Bill — backed by the labor party — was pushed through ...

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Scottish police investigate Lord Janner over child sex abuse


Police in Scotland are investigating claims that Lord Greville Janner, rumored to have been a prolific child sex offender, abused a boy there in the 1970s.  The allegation was first made by a Leicester man in 1991 who told the ...

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Cameron backpedals on threat against anti-EU ministers


UK Prime Minister David Cameron has withdrawn his threat to sack ministers over an ongoing dispute on Britain’s stay in the European Union. Cameron said Monday that his remarks about his ministers’ position on an EU exit referendum have been ...

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‘Senior BMA doctors given secret pay rise in UK’


Confidential documents have revealed staggering secret pay hikes of up to 137% for senior members of the UK’s doctors’ union, the British Medical Association (BMA). The BMA papers show how the doctors’ union awarded its senior figures pay rises of ...

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Experts warn British govt. against further cuts to social care


A further £1bn in cuts to social care will hit thousands of Britons, experts say. Over £1bn worth of funding will be taken from social care services in the next year alone, leaving thousands of elderly and disabled people unable ...

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20,000+ Police March In Force Against G7 Protests in Germany


(Common Dreams) – Though outnumbered by police by approximately two-to-one, thousands of people took to the streets of the Alpine resort town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany on Saturday to express their opposition to the hegemonic and neoliberal policies of the G7 ...

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UK protesters demand closure of immigrant detention center


British protesters stage a rally to urge the closure of a notorious immigrant detention center in the United Kingdom. The largest protest yet against Britain’s most notorious immigration removal center took place on Saturday, as campaigners denounced Yarl’s Wood as ...

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Britain opposes boycott of Israel: Official


A British Foreign Office official has reiterated London’s commitment to opposing a boycott of Israel. Tobias Ellwood has in a recent tweet to an Israeli official said he did not believe in the merits of introducing boycotts  “when we are ...

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‘NHS hospitals wasting millions every year’


The latest review of the UK National Health Service (NHS) spending has revealed an excessive amount of waste, including too many staff holidays, soluble tablets and the purchase of latex gloves. Chair of the NHS Cooperation and Competition Panel, Patrick ...

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UK cyber attacks costs economy billions – and so do corrupt politicians


RINF EDITOR’S NOTE: What’s next to blame for the state of the British economy? Yesterday it was societies most vulnerable, and today it’s hackers. It seems the government are pointing the finger at everyone and everything apart from the actual ...

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Germany angry over UK’s potential exit from EU


Former German Foreign Minister has warned the UK that Angela Merkel will not prioritize its potential exit from the EU and give in to demands on Britain’s relationship with the bloc.  Joshka Fischer is widely regarded as one of the ...

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London council profiteering from homelessness


RINF EDITOR’S NOTE: As an organisation that regularly uses our profits to feed the homeless and vulnerable in our city I find it abhorrent that any council would take it upon themselves to further stamp on the faces of those in ...

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Cruel UK welfare reforms force vunerable children to survive on £1 per day


(RT) – Thousands of children in the UK are being pushed into severe poverty and hunger because their parents cannot work or receive government benefits, new research has found. Changes to government immigration and benefits policies have left a “dysfunctional system,” a report ...

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Revealed: MI5 blackmailed child sex abusers


Some reports suggest that the British Security Service, MI5, shielded pedophile politicians from prosecution to blackmail them back in the 1970s.  “There’s now substantial evidence that the Security Service were condoning that, they knew of it and made use of it so ...

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Britain’s Democracy Is Broken and In Need of Serious Reform


I have always believed, perhaps naively, that in a democracy, if a system is shown to be manifestly unjust and unfair, then those who have the power to address the problem will respond positively. Action will then follow to address ...

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IPSA set to raise MPs’ salaries by 10%


As most Britons reel from tough austerity measures, the watchdog that regulates MPs’ pay has decided to raise their salaries by 10%. Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has said it sees no reason not to increase the salaries from the current ...

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Charles Kennedy dies, aged 55


Charles Kennedy, former leader of the Liberal Democrats, has died at his Scottish home aged 55. No cause of death has been made public but police are not treating it as suspicious. His family has issued a statement, saying they ...

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£22bn NHS cuts and ‘staff burnout’ could halt Tory reforms – health trust

nhs-crumble-new-measures.si (1)

Plans to move the National Health Service (NHS) to a seven-day service could be hampered by increased pressure on staff, coupled with £22 billion worth of further cuts, a report has warned. The report from healthcare think tank The Nuffield ...

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Met police chief warns unfit police officers


Britain’s most senior police chief, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, has warned unfit and overweight police officers that they have no place within the forces.  Hogan-Howe issued the stark warning to unfit and overweight police officers, as well as those considering a ...

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UK banking sector ‘extremely vulnerable’ to financial crisis, report warns


Britain’s financial system is “extremely” vulnerable to future crisis under current regulations, a new report warns. The New Economics Foundation (NEF) says the UK’s banking industry is the least resilient of all G7 nations. The report warns the resilience of ...

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‘Britain risks following Nazi lead on human rights’


A UN special rapporteur says the United Kingdom risks following the lead of Nazi Germany by its possible withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). Professor François Crépeau, the UN special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, ...

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‘UK shy of enough land to lock up all child sex abusers’


Britain’s child protection chief says the UK does not have enough land to build prisons and put all its child sex abusers behind bars. The Deputy Children’s Commissioner for England, Sue Berelowitz, who is currently chairing a government inquiry into ...

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British monarch money kept in check


The UK queen’s income is under scrutiny after public funding of the monarchy is increased, while other public services are affected by austerity cuts. Taxpayer funding of the UK’s royal household has risen to nearly 40 million pounds in the ...

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‘Oliver Twist’ children used in organized crime


Britain’s anti-slavery commissioner has warned about the ‘Oliver Twist’ scenarios in UK streets, saying criminal gangs are using children to pickpocket, steal and beg in nationwide criminal operations. Kevin Hyland, an ex-Met Police detective who is currently the anti-slavery commissioner, ...

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‘UK police can access personal data hundreds of time per day’


Privacy campaigners in the UK say British police are granted access to private phone and email records of people almost every two minutes.  This was released under the freedom of information laws requested by ‘Big Brother Watch’ which found more ...

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