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MP Seeks To Curtail Bedroom Tax


A Liberal Democrat MP is seeking the backing of fellow MPs for his private members’ bill that aims to curtail the controversial bedroom tax. To be debated next Friday in the House of Commons, Andrew George’s Affordable Homes Bill is ...

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1,400 kids sexually abused in UK town


An investigation reveals that at least 1,400 children as young as 11 years of age were subjected to “appalling” sexual exploitation in England’s town of Rotherham during a 16-year time period. According to an independent probe by Professor Alexis Jay, the children were victims ...

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How the independence vote can radicalise Scotland

Building a yes vote means winning a vision of the Scotland we'd like to see - something that's a lot harder when you try to convince rich and poor at the same time (Pic: Montage by Socialist Worker)

Raymie Kiernan looks at why Scottish independence activists believe a last push for votes can bring victory—and raise wider issues about the alternative to capitalism With just four weeks until the Scottish independence referendum polls show there is all to ...

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