Tories backtrack on plans for English votes for English laws

The Conservative government has postponed the controversial plans for English votes for English laws until at least September.

British Prime Minister David Cameron had promised voters to implement the plans in his first 100 days in office.

The decision to delay the plans comes amid concerns that the government was facing a defeat by excluding Scottish MPs from certain votes in Parliament.

A government spokeswoman insisted that the Tories policy has not changed and the delay “reflects a willingness on the part of the Government to respect the parliamentary process”.

“Our policy hasn’t changed, we remain committed to delivering this and ensuring that every part of the UK has a fair say on matters relating to them,” she noted.

However, London-based political analyst Rodney Shakespeare believes that the Tories raised the issues of English Votes for English laws in an effort to counter threats from Scottish nationalism and to solidify support for Conservatives.

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