British tenants vulnerable to evictions amid rental crunch

A British housing and homelessness charity has reported the eviction of one tenant in every 90 seconds in England and Wales.

According to an analysis of figures released by the Minister of Justice, the charity Shelter says one in every 55 tenants in England is at risk of losing their home.

The figures suggest that there were 149,542 possession claims by landlords between October 2014 and September 2015. Accordingly, more than 352,000 renters faced the threat of losing their home in one year time.

Though possession claims do not necessarily end in eviction, the figures suggest that in one in three cases tenants do end up losing their home.

The charity’s findings include some of the hot-spots such as the capital London where such occurrences are common. Here, Enfield is on the top with one in every 21 tenant at risk followed by Barking and Dagenham and Redbridge.

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