More UK MPs question Syria drone strike

More UK politicians are now questioning legal justification of the country’s drone strikes in Syria.

Senior lawmaker, Lord Macdonald from Liberal Democrats cast doubt about legal justification for the drone strikes such as that on two British militants on August 21.

His statement comes after UK Prime Minister David Cameron revealed that British forces carried out a drone airstrike in Syria killing three Daesh terrorists, including two young Britons. Speaking before the British parliament on Monday, Cameron added that the prime target of the drone attack was 21-year-old Reyaad Khan from the city of Cardiff, but the August 21 airstrike also killed two other Daesh terrorists, including another British citizen identified as 26-year-old Ruhul Amin.

Macdonald urged the government “to be more transparent about the reasons for ordering the strike including asking parliament’s intelligence and security committee to look at the evidence and ordering the attorney general to give his point of view to the House of Commons.”

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