Is The UK Planning False-flag Terror Attacks?

T.J. Coles, PIPR

Official documents infer that British secret services and/or their proxies will commit terrorism and blame it on enemies in order to justify rapid military deployments. With the latest bombing of Iraq under way, the UK needs a ‘strategy of tension’ to convince the public that war is necessary.


The term ‘strategy of tension’ comes from Gladio, a Europe-wide operation run by MI6 and the CIA, which began at the close of WWII and continued into the early-1990s. The purpose of Gladio was to train stay-behind networks to battle Soviet expansion across Europe. Another aim was to terrorise the populations of the continent, as well as Turkey, into accepting the rule of neo-fascist governments. CIA-MI6-trained Gladio networks were responsible for many atrocities, including the 1980 Bologna train station bombing.[1]

During the Troubles in North Ireland, Britain sought to justify its brutal occupation by demonising the Irish. One of the methods was to guide Irish Republican Army terrorism. Whistleblowers reveal that high-level Provisionals included double-agents John Joe Magee and Freddie Scappaticci. So-called Real IRA double-agents included Kevin Fulton.[2]

According to former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, the Pentagon is running Gladio B, focusing on Muslims in Central Asia and the Middle East.

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