Ex-Lib Dem MP blames poll debacle on ‘Tory fear campaign’

Former business secretary and senior Liberal Democrat MP, Vince Cable, has said that he was the victim of a Tory fear campaign.

The Liberal Democrats fell sharply after the general elections from 57 MPs to just eight, with Vince Cable being one of the party heavyweights to suffer. But he feels that his party lost because of a cynical campaign of fear and that “fear triumphed over hope: fear of ‘chaos’; fear of Ed Miliband’s socialism; fear of being held to ransom by the Scots…this fear was carefully – brilliantly – mobilized by the Conservatives and used to devastating effect in a targeted campaign that included 23 Tory-facing Lib Dem seats”.

Many people across Britain were angry that the Liberal Democrats formed a government with the Tories in 2010, going back on some of their pre-election pledges including the controversial raising of tuition fees to £9,000 per year. This decimated much of the Liberal Democrat vote across the country, particularly their former student core.

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