British PM faces legal challenge over Syria drone attack

A legal proceeding has been initiated against British Prime Minister, David Cameron, over his decision to target Daesh or ISIL terrorists in Syria.

Green party lawmakers, Caroline Lucas and Jenny Jones, are working with human rights charity Reprieve to make the first step toward a judicial review to the attack on the Syrian soil. That after Cameron earlier this month revealed that British forces killed three Daesh terrorists, including two young Britons, in the northern Syrian city of Raqqah in a drone airstrike.

The August 21 airstrike killed 21-year-old Reyaad Khan from the city of Cardiff, 26-year-old Ruhul Amin from Aberdeen and another terrorist who was not from Britain.

The attack went ahead despite parliament voting against strikes in 2013. The British premier justified the drone attack saying those killed were plotting against the UK and that they could not be eliminated by any other means.

“The strike will not eradicate the ISIL terrorists which everybody would like to happen but what it will do is to increase their numbers. These drone strikes go completely against the spirit of the decision taken by parliament. As many commentators believe today that if you kill one [terrorist] in this way, it leads to recruitment surge.

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