Government policies denying children of rights

A new report for the United Nations has found that the British government’s policies are stripping children of their rights.

The UK’s first full review of children’s commissioners expressed “serious concerns” about children’s accessibility to justice in the courts and suggested the government and ministers to reconsider the controversial welfare cuts as well as plans to abolish the Human Rights Act.

The four commissioners who conducted the report will present their own reviews of the current state of children’s policies to the UN as part of the review for the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The findings highlight questions on government decisions and the impact they have had on the children of Britain.

England’s children’s commissioner, Anne Longfield, said: “We are finding and highlighting that much of the country’s laws and policies defaults away from the view of the child. That’s in breach of the treaty. What we found again and again was that the best interest of the child is not taken into account.”

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