Hate crimes on rise in UK

An Islamic center in UK has condemned a spike in hate crimes across England and Wales since 2012.

The Muslim Council of Britain and the Church of England have says the targets of hate crimes are predominantly Muslims. According to the council, racially or religiously aggravated harassment crimes — such as verbal or written racist abuse — increased from a total of 15,249 to 17,605 between 2012 and 2014.

The figures, obtained from 41 of 43 police forces approached through Freedom of Information (FoI) requests, show more than 47,000 hate crimes recorded over the past three years.

“These figures showing the rise of Islamophobic attacks sadly are not that surprising. If you consider how over the last couple of years we have seen a concentrated effort by the Islamophobia industry in America and Europe and especially in the UK now as well to demonize Islam, it is understandable that obviously that anti-Muslim rhetoric will obviously going to spin out into physical violence,” a member of Muslim Public Affairs Committee in London, Raza Nadim told Press TV.

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