Rotherham councillors told to keep mouth shut about abuse in 2005

Rotherham town hall. Councillors were asked at an emotional meeting why they did not do more to stop abuse. Photograph: Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

Yet again we see the police turning a blind eye to child abuse and in this instance actually instructing councillors to do the same, the question must be asked; WHY?

Last week one victim who reported the abuse to police was met with the response ‘Well, what do you expect?’. 

How widespread is this sick mentality in the British Police force that somehow, the abuse of our children is acceptable? From Jimmy Savile’s ‘Friday Morning Club’ to the gangs in Rotherham, how deep does this rabbit hole go, why are politicians being given a free pass, and who exactly in the British establishment yields so much power that they can command protection over a decades old nationwide paedophile ring? 


Councillor Ken Wyatt says he knew grooming was taking place but was told discussing it could disrupt police inquiries

Councillors in Rotherham were told at a seminar in 2005 not to publicly discuss information about the town’s child sexual exploitation problem because it was “confidential” and could jeopardise police investigations, according to one councillor present at the time.

Prof Alexis Jay’s report on the 1,400 children failed by the council and agencies said that such “explicit content” about the issue was given to 30 councillors at the seminar that “few members or senior officers could say ‘we didn’t know’.”

On Wednesday one councillor, Ken Wyatt, was asked by a member of the public at an emotional council meeting why he and colleagues did not act following the seminar.

Wyatt acknowledged that he knew then that grooming was happening, both locally and nationally, and councillors were told that “steps were being taken to deal with it”. But he insisted: “It was not at the scale we have subsequently found out.”

He said: “We were told to treat it as very confidential” and that talking about it publicly “could disrupt inquiries” then being made by the police.

He added: “We were told it was an incredibly difficult area to work in, incredibly difficult to get convictions.”

His response did not go down well with his questioner, who said: “Our children were at risk. Our children were being raped. Our children were being abused. And you are telling me as a borough councillor, bare faced telling me that you weren’t allowed to say anything?”

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