Met failing to protect children online

UK police is facing a massive challenge in protecting children online.

The Metropolitan Police’s commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said, police are only “skimming the surface” in this area.

Hogan-Howe went further adding that there are real logistical problems when it comes to dealing with online crimes.

He blamed the government for cutting the budgets saying funding cuts have significantly decreased police ability to tackle the range of crimes.

According to the police official, the Met had a squad of 300 officers dealing with internet security. The number is expected to grow by 200 in 2016.

He emphasized that even the growing number of officers won’t help police protect children online.

Observers say, UK society has been suffering from police failure in protecting children online since many years ago.

“Traditionally we have a very poor record of prosecuting these crimes,” NAPAC Founder Peter Saunders told Press TV.

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